How to Coordinate Personal Training with a Sign Up

Personal training is a popular way to offer individuals specialized work outs, but it takes a lot of coordination to stay on top of the various clients and session times. If you find yourself struggling to manage booked appointments, late payments and forgotten sessions - we have a few tips for you! 

It can be tricky to manage and schedule appointments for multiple clients. Spreadsheets are limited and don't provide a way to make easy changes, nor do they automatically generate session reminders. Online sign ups simplify the scheduling process and streamline communication for every appointment you book. From easy training session scheduling to automatic reminders, sign ups improve the appointment coordination process.  Check out these tips for coordinating personal training and see what a difference it can make for you and your clients, keeping your sessions full and stress levels low.  

Showcase your availability 

It's important to let clients know when you are offering sessions. With a sign up, you can provide easy access for them to view and sign up for open training spots - saving you the hassle of manually registering people to sign themselves up so that you don't have to. When creating a sign up for personal training you can choose whether you want a list view or calendar view format to display your offered sessions.  

If you have a website, embed your sign up so that anyone interested in your services can see your personal training options. If you have multiple sign ups for various classes and services, you can consolidate and showcase them all on a portal page which acts as the homepage for your sign ups. 

You can also include the link to your sign up in newsletters or social posts. With our paid plans, you can customize sign up URLs to match your branding and make it easier to promote your sessions. Spreading the word about your personal training is a key step - if you want to fill your schedule with clients. 

Offer calendar syncing 

Calendar syncing is an easy way to help your clients manage their schedules and keep their appointment top of mind. Life gets busy and appointments are easily forgotten, but when you integrate calendar sync with your sign ups, appointments are automatically added to client's personal calendars when they sign up for a slot.  

You can also choose to sync booked slots onto your own personal calendar so that you're in the loop with your upcoming client training sessions.  With this feature, anyone who signs up on your online sign up will automatically be added to your personal calendar. This keeps your calendar program up to date. Syncing to your calendar can also help to avoid double bookings from happening. 

Communicate with automated messaging 

Communication is vital to keep you clientele informed. With our paid plans, you can customize both confirmation and reminder messages. This way, you can communicate specific information prior to the appointment. For example, you may require a signed waiver or need to communicate specific items to bring to the session. This feature gives you the ability to customize and automate that client communication. These automated emails keep everyone on the same page without any added stress for you. 

Make sure you share important details to your clients ahead of their training sessions. Let them know what they need to bring, where they should meet you and how to best prepare before they arrive. 

Collect payments  

To avoid late or missing payments, have your clients pay when they sign up for a training session. SignUpGenius payments, powered by Stripe, makes it easy to include this step in your sign ups and creates a hassle-free process for everyone involved. Clients can sign up and make payment at the same time. 

Collecting money isn't the only thing you can do with sign ups; you also have the ability to issue refunds and offer discounts when necessary. Sign ups can be your one-stop shop for all your payment and scheduling needs!  

Incorporate these steps in your personal training scheduling and see what a difference it can make. Managing multiple appointments and communicating with clients doesn't have to weigh you down - save the heavy lifting for those sessions! 

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