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New Feature: Unlimited Slot Quantity

Happy Monday! To get your week off to a good start, we thought we'd announce a small, but useful upgrade to our site. We have just integrated a change to the sign up creation wizard that makes it easier for you to choose the exact quantity of volunteers you need for your sign up. Instead of being limited to the selections in the drop down box, you now have the ability to enter your own quantity! This works well for large sign ups where you need a hundred or several hundred volunteers for a specific position.

In addition, we have added an "unlimited quantity" selection. You can choose this option if you don't want a specific number listed on your sign up page and you want to leave the sign up slot open to as many people as are interested. If you choose the "unlimited quantity" option, no number will show besides the sign up slot and the sign up button will always be present no matter how many people sign up for a particular option!

Hope that brightens your day. Have a great week!