100 Bulletin Board Ideas

bulletin board ideas schoolBulletin boards can be a great way to creatively communicate an idea in a classroom or school. But if you're tired of the same old ideas, here are 100 unique bulletin board ideas that are sure to get the creative juices flowing! 

Back-to-School Ideas

  1. What STUCK with you this summer? - Students use sticky notes to write a favorite summer memory; a sun in the corner and flip-flops compliment the theme.
  2. A Brand New Batch of Students - Add a large cookie jar labeled with "(teacher's name)'s Smart Cookies"; and have students names on cookies spilling out of jar. 
  3. ____ Grade Will A-Maze - Can use a packman maze or a mythical labyrinth and write students names inside the maze, or even have students solve the maze at your orientation! 
  4. Get Ready for a Colorful Year - Large Crayon Box says "Our New Pack" surrounded by crayons with students' names on them. 
  5. Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Whose in ___ Grade this Fall? - Use hand-mirror cut outs with either self-portraits from the first day of school or student pictures in the middle of them. 
  6. Up and Away in ____ Grade - Copy or create the house from the movie Up and attach balloons with student's names to it. Add a 3-D touch with some puffy clouds. 
  7. Welcome to Class: You Fit Right In - Display a large simple puzzle and extra pieces scattered with student names written on the pieces.
  8. Catch the Wave to ____ Grade - Blue waves with colorful floating surfboards including student's names. Have students decorate their surfboard on the first day for a personal touch! 
  9. This Year is Going to Rule - A larger-than-life ruler with numerical information about the year. Ideas include: One Teacher Named ___, Two Field trips, Three Holiday parties, Four Subjects to Study, etc. 
  10. Saddle Up for ___ Grade, Welcome to (teacher's name)'s Ranch - Add horse die-cuts with student's names, and a mountain range in the back! 
  11. Dear Students - Teacher writes a large letter with encouraging phrases for the year ahead like "I believe in you" or "You will be listened to here" and signs it at the end. 
  12. Let's Kick Off a Great Year - Put up large cutouts of soccer goals or football goal posts with names written on the laces of a large scale ball/cleat. 
  13. Check out the Line-up in _____'s (teacher's name) Class - Real clothesline and clothespins with colorful paper shirts hung with student pictures/names on the front. 
  14. Wel-Cup Back - Attach coffee shop cups cut in half with drawn steam coming out to the board, and have student names written on the cup. 
  15. Look Who's POPPING into ___ Grade - A large-scale red and white popcorn box with fake kernels including student's names.
  16. Back To School, Ready to Grow - You can use any number of plants growing with student pictures in them: flowers, corn, a tomato patch.
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For the Library

  1. POP into the Library - Use the red and white popcorn boxes for a 3-D effect and have some of the popcorn kernels list new titles. 
  2. Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover - Folded paper with the first lines of different books printed on them. They can be opened to reveal the book title! 
  3. Reading Makes Your Mind Bloom - Decorate your board with an oversized watering can whose droplets are pouring on flowers, and have titles printed in the center of the flowers. 
  4. We're Hooked On Reading - Large (fake) fishing hooks can be hung with string from the top of the board, and book covers then hang from the hooks. 
  5. Dog-gone Good Books! - A sun and grassy yard scattered with the covers of books about dogs, or for the more artistic, a cutout of large dog with a book in its mouth. 
  6. Good Reads Under the Sea - Make a seascape decorated with pictures of interesting books about the ocean (fiction and nonfiction). 
  7. LEAF through a Good Book This Fall - Use leaf cutouts to create a pile of leaves under a tree, then write recommended book titles for certain grade levels on a few. 
  8. "Read"box: Free Book Rental - Cover a bookshelf in red paper like the popular DVD rental service Redbox and inform students books rentals are $0 per night.
  9. These Reads Will Take You For A Ride - There are many variations on this theme, depending on whether you draw a rollercoaster, racecars with a track, or a plane. Whatever you choose, write in books on the various vehicles!

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  1. SPRING into Reading - The sun, some grass, and a few new titles scattered on a fake picnic blanket make a perfect seasonal bulletin board!
  2. iRead - The background can look have a familiar computer or phone wallpaper with book covers as the apps; You can even group book covers by genre in a box under the genre name.
  3. Reading is a Treat - Put up an ice cream truck with different book covers on each stick that are for 'sale'.
  4. Get Carried Away With Books - Make a few hot air balloons with colorful book covers as the baskets; make it 3D with cotton-ball clouds.
  5. These Are Some Real Treasures - Feature a large treasure chest on a beach with book covers spilling out the top, or maybe even a pirate or two!
  6. Book-opoly - Set up a monopoly board of book covers, using the color sets to differentiate genres like graphic novels, fiction, and non-fiction.
  7. We Read Too, Can You Guess Who? - Have teachers take a picture with their favorite book, opened to cover their face, and students try to guess the teacher behind the book.
  8. Snow Book Is Alike - Make a winter wonderland out of cotton balls and white paper and have people write their favorite books on each snowflake. 
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For Preschool

  1. Quack Quack Welcome Back - Create a grass-edged pond, with student's names on the ducks, and a larger duck with teacher's name (can add bows on girls, sunglasses on boys).
  2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Welcome To This Class of Ours - Use pictures taken during the first week with (students' names underneath) mounted on stars to help the class learn names.
  3. All Aboard for a Fantastic New School Year - Hang a train with students' pictures in the window and the teacher in the engine car. Add cotton-ball smoke from the engine for a 3D element!
  4. (Teacher's name)'s Class is Solid Gold! - Make multi-colored handprints that form a rainbow, which leads to a pot of gold. The coins have student names on them.
  5. April Showers Bring...MUD! - Students create brown handprints of "mud" (keep it looking messy, that shouldn't be hard!) with their names on them along the bottom of the bulletin board, plus 3-D cotton ball clouds and glittery raindrops.
  6. Look Who's In The Nest - For this board, craft a large nest (make it 3D with crumpled brown paper) with little birds printed with student names.
  7. (Teacher's name)'s Little Peeps - A board full of cute yellow chicks; 3-D orange beaks; can also use the shape of the marshmallow candy.
  8. I CAN Control My... - Feature a large white game remote and on the buttons, write things like mouth, arms, or feet to reinforce the idea of self-control for young children.
  9. (Teacher's name)'s Class is SWEET - Feature a large candy or gum jar with students names on candy pieces inside; or a large cupcake with small student pictures as sprinkles.
  10. Hoot Hoot Hooray, Kid's Work to Display - Use colorful owls to surround student work, and have the student's names written in the owl above his/her work.
  11. We're Going to Have a BALL in Preschool - Feature a large gum machine made out of a white circle, red lid and triangle base with multi-colored gumballs inside with student names.
  12. No Two Are Alike - Make snowflakes with students' pictures in the centers surrounding a happy snowman and snowscape.
  13. Our Busy Bees are Always Learning - Students' names are placed on bees around a hive with different subjects on the rings of the hive; student work could also be placed around the hive if desired.
  14. Look Who's Been Spotted in (teacher's name)'s Class - Cover your bulletin board in many small ladybugs or just one large ladybug with names in silver marker on the spots.
  15. Flutter into (class name or grade) - Have students make butterflies out of coffee filters or use die-cuts, and hang them with some die-cuts of flowers.

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