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Why Use SignUpGenius?

It's Easy

Intuitive wizards make it simple to set up
and simple to sign up.

It's Convenient

Friends and family can see all needs
at once and sign up 24-7.

It's Efficient

Bulk email invites, automated reminders
and data export save time.

It's Flexible

Easy to swap dates and make edits
for schedule changes.

It's Powerful

Organize people, collect payments
and coordinate events all in one spot.

So packed with features, it's... well... genius.

With dozens of gorgeous holiday themes, powerful bulk email tools and simple administration ability, organizing your holiday gathering has never been easier. Create the perfect page where guests can quickly sign up for potluck items to bring and RSVP for how many are coming. And if that wasn't enough, your guests will get automatic reminders - so no one forgets!

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Feed'Em Soup Serves Up Holiday Meals

Organize a soup kitchen for ones in need

"My family as well as 45 other volunteers get together and cook for Thanksgiving and Christmas and feed a few hundred others. gives us an easy, quick way to let the community know our staffing needs and allows them an easy, quick way to sign up. There is no messy volunteer list, time-consuming phone calls, etc. It has allowed us to help us serve our community better."

Derek Gibbs, Executive Director of Feed'em Soup Community Project