Genius Reflection: Valentine's Day FAIL

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Kate White
Marketing Genius

Valentine's Day can be known as one of the most romantic days of the year. Well, unless it's not. Our Marketing Strategist, Kate, shares how she turned a romantic gesture into a total flop, below.

It was February 14th of my junior year of high school when a friend of mine dropped me off to an empty house after practice. I walked in an immediately realized something was not quite right…our house had been broken into! Unsure how to get in touch with my parents in a pre-cell phone world, I called the cops.

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Unbeknownst to me, my dad had actually taken the microwave, stereo, and various other items over to the site where my parents were building a new home. So, while I was filing police reports, he was warming up Mom’s favorite to-go meal and lighting candles, oblivious to my panic! Upon their return home, they were more than a little surprised to find a police car in the driveway. I heard my mom explaining things to the officer, who was NOT amused. Let’s just say that the next time Dad tried to sweep my mom off her feet, he informed his eldest daughter.

Speaking of sweeping someone off their feet, SignUpGenius has some great gift ideas that’ll give your honey something to smile about this Valentine’s Day. (If you’re lucky, your child won’t even call the police on you!) 

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