3 Ways Sign Ups Help Manage Clubs

Managing a group or club is no easy task. Group events and activities are always fun times, but the planning and coordinating can be a lot of work. Whether your group struggles to recruit volunteers or communicate details about a club outing, online sign ups help groups better coordinate a variety of activities. 

We help many different clubs and groups simplify their organizing. Online sign ups help groups streamline communication, volunteer recruiting, event promotion and more, giving you more time to spend on the areas you enjoy most. Check out some of the ways we help clubs coordinate a variety of activities with online sign ups.

Improved volunteer recruitment 

Regardless of the activity your club is planning, you probably need volunteers. However, communicating volunteer needs can be challenging. People are busy and may assume that someone else will step up to volunteer. An online sign up is a great way to list out all the volunteer needs so everyone can see if roles have been filled or not. This helps your group gauge opportunities to support your events and see who is signing up to help.

List out details about the volunteer roles and the event in the general details of your sign up. You can also lock slots to ensure no one cancels their commitment without first notifying the sign up creator. Need to communicate follow up information or additional last-minute instructions? Create a custom confirmation or reminder email to communicate additional information that is automatically generated to sign up participants.

More coordinated fundraising events 

There are so many ways that clubs can raise money. From bake sales to car washes to BBQ plates, clubs can plan fundraising events that are fun activities to bring members together. 

Fundraisers don't plan themselves. They require a coordinated effort that often involves volunteer shifts or potentially advanced sales to better prepare for the volunteers or food it will require. Otherwise, one person may be doing too much work or you may end up with too much or too little food for your BBQ fundraiser. 

With an online sign up, you can create slots for advanced sales of items. This helps give you an idea of the amount of food and number of volunteers you will need for the event. You can even collect money directly on the sign up for pre-sales.  

Improved organizing for club events 

Club events and activities are one of the core elements of any group, whether it's a meeting, a field trip or a dinner. Every event requires different levels of organizing. If your club is doing a service project, a simple RSVP sign up along with the location and details about the event will suffice. However, if you are a scout troop organizing a camping trip, you might need parent chaperones, drivers and even food donations for meals.  

Online sign ups are the perfect way to recruit volunteers and donations. Any time you are planning a club event, you can create a sign up to collect food donations or collect money to purchase the food. You can even create a slot for members to register so you know how many will be attending - helping you plan appropriately. With our mapping feature, you can link Google Maps to the sign up so everyone can easily find the event location.  

Some clubs have a packed calendar of events and multiple people sharing organizing responsibilities. If you are planning various types of events , consider consolidating your sign ups with our Tabbing feature. Better yet, use an all-in-one solution that can manage all your group communications. With our partner company, MembershipToolkit, you can track member info, create message boards for improved communication and build newsletters. We even offer an integration between our two tools. 

No matter how large or small your group, SignUpGenius and our partner, MembershipToolkit, can help you better manage your club with our easy-to-use tools. Running a club should be a fun and rewarding experience. Make your job easier by getting the right solutions to simplify your work and engage other members in coordinating groups events and activities. 

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