5 Ways Health Departments Can Easily Schedule Services

illustration of healthcare provider in front of laptop and surrounded by medical icons

As a health department, your team is providing so much help to people. But, with so many people to serve, it can be difficult scheduling out services in a simple manner. Additionally, you likely also need to coordinate volunteers or staff training.

This is where online sign ups provide the most help. They are fast, easy to create and allow you to quickly provide a scheduling platform for organizing appointments, volunteers and staff. Here are five ways your health facility may want to schedule with sign ups. 

Health Clinic Classes

Online sign ups are great for scheduling classes on topics such as diabetes prevention, maternity and parenting, nutrition or other types of classes. These classes are a great way to provide valuable information and education to the public.

With an online sign up, you can communicate all the details about the class as people are looking at registration dates. The link to the sign up can be customized and shared on a website, email or social media — giving you the ability to promote these events to the public.

If you would like to conduct the class virtually or through a hybrid option, you can provide the video call link in the sign up details, the slot or in an automated email. With our stop dates feature, the sign up can be closed at a specific time to prevent people from signing up at the last minute and serving as a registration deadline. If participants need to cancel after the stop date, they have to contact the sign up creator.

screenshot of registration sign up sheet for maternity center classes

Mobile Clinic

Mobile clinics are a great way to make your services available to a larger audience — especially those who might not have access to transportation.

An online scheduling tool like SignUpGenius makes it easy for folks to view scheduled appointments for the mobile clinic through a unique link. This way, they don't have to worry about setting up an account in your company software program or intranet. After all, if your clinic is mobile, shouldn't your sign up program be as well?

With online sign ups, you can easily view and run reports on the sign up to view your appointments and any participant data you have collected on the sign up.

screenshot of mobile health clinic schedule sign up

Flu Shots

Flu shots are a routinely administered vaccine. However, you still need some advance notice for scheduling these appointments. With an online sign up, you can easily generate your time slot appointments and people can sign up at their convenience. Attach a waiver form or other documents to the sign up to make it easy to access.

Additionally, you can create custom reminder messages that automatically generate and remind patients to bring their waiver or communicate any additional information that you prefer.

screenshot of flu shot clinic sign up

Staff Training

Online sign ups are also helpful for managing back-office functions such as training or certifications. Schedule onboarding or continuing education training classes with an online sign up.

Our system will generate an automatic reminder to employees, and we also offer the ability to add the training class to their personal calendar. With the locking sign up feature, you can also prevent last-minute sign ups or deletions to prevent people from signing up or removing themselves without notice at the last minute.

screenshot of training seminar sign up for leadership and DEI classes

Blood Drive

Blood donations save lives and there is always a need for donors. Online sign ups make it easy to schedule volunteers to assist with a blood drive. Medical facilities can easily gain access to volunteers and coordinate an event that will help further blood donation efforts.

To better spread the word and recruit more volunteers and registrants, you can share the link on social media and even create a custom shortened URL so that it's easy to remember and pass along.

screenshot of annual blood drive sign up

There are so many ways to use online sign ups for scheduling health clinic events, from training to appointments to volunteers. SignUpGenius makes it easy to create sign ups for all your health scheduling needs.

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