3 Tips to Create a School Email Newsletter that People Read

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Your school email newsletter is a valuable way to share your latest news and events, and keep your busy community connected. Newsletters also allow you to spotlight volunteer opportunities and let parents know how they can support your students and teachers.

With everything happening at your school, there's a lot of information to pack in a limited amount of newsletter space. These tips can help you create email newsletters that boost parent engagement and set you up for success throughout the year.

Lead with Your Most Important Announcements

Some people may not make it all the way through even the most riveting content, so focus on making your newsletter a quick read. Consider your goals for each communication, such as signing people up for volunteer opportunities and events.

It's great to start out with a short welcome message but then move right to your important announcements. Position action items like sign up links at the top of your newsletter to help ensure they get the most visibility. Including a video is also a fun way to reveal big news like a special event or award, especially if you get the principal or a teacher involved!

Spotlight a Volunteer

It's always a good time to be on the lookout for your next superstar volunteers. Spotlighting volunteers in your newsletter is a great way to show how people are making a difference, whether they are a PTA leader or give a few hours of their time each month. Keep it simple; just share how the person serves at your school, their child's year, and a fun fact like their favorite book or treat.

Featuring a variety of volunteers shows how people support your school in different ways, and that they can make a big impact in whatever time their schedule allows. When you coordinate volunteers with SignUpGenius, you can run a report to track their hours of service.

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Include Calls to Action

SignUpGenius makes it easy to organize your school events from volunteer shifts and teacher wish lists to afterschool clubs and PTA fundraisers.

Sign ups come with a unique link that you can paste directly into your newsletter or even as the Call-to-Action (CTA) button. Some newsletter sites, such as Mailchimp and Smore allow you to enter the sign up link into a field to create a clickable button in your newsletter.

You can also easily share sign up links on your social media platforms and by email. SignUpGenius will send automatic email reminders to participants to take the task of following up off your list. Plus, premium subscribers can customize confirmation and reminder messages.

screenshot of option to customize confirmation emails and reminders

Sending a newsletter is an effective way to keep families updated on the latest school happenings and recruit volunteers. With a focus on content strategy and a little creativity, you can create emails that are fun to read and grow support for your school.

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