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5 Sign Ups for Spring

As the spring season begins to bloom, so does your busy calendar! We know that the warmer weather typically brings on a flurry of events and it can be hard to keep track of it all.  

Finding a way to stay organized is important for you and your group. Whether you oversee organizing for community events or are tasked with planning the church Easter egg hunt, we've got sign up tips to keep you stress free no matter the occasion this spring.   

Here are 5 sign ups that can simplify your spring planning, plus the tips to create them: 

Create a carpool 

Spring sports and events involve lots of transportation needs for the kids in your life. It can be overwhelming to coordinate getting your busy little ones to the various activities scheduled after school and on the weekends. That's where carpools can help, but we know you don't want to take on more stress when organizing rides!  

Using sign ups to coordinate carpool pick-ups and drop-offs can save you the time and energy you need this spring! Share your sign up with parents whose kids are in the same activities and have them select which days and times work for their schedule. Check out these tips and tricks to consider when you start to coordinate your carpool schedule.  

Create custom reminder messages so that anyone who signed up for a slot won't forget when it's their time to drive the group of kids. 

Organize an Easter egg hunt 

Easter egg hunts are a great way to celebrate the season whether it's for your church, neighborhood or school!  

Creating a sign up is an easy way to request the help you need from others to make it all happen. Collect items and donations needed for the hunt, request volunteers to help set up before and clean up after, and have volunteers choose the games and activities they can assist with.   

Choose an egg-cellent spring theme for your sign up that will get participants and volunteers hopping to the hunt with excitement! 

Don't forget to promote your sign up to increase volunteer support and maximize the collections you need for the hunt.  

Gather for gardening 

The spring season brings rain showers and sun, the perfect conditions for gardening! 

Starting a community garden has many benefits, including positively contributing to your environment and encouraging healthy relationships with others. Using a sign up can help to organize volunteer shifts and make sure that all the watering, weeding and harvesting needs are met.  

This is a great activity for families or friends to do together, and at the end of the season you get to reap the benefits of all your hard work! If you want to share the harvest as a group, consider planning a potluck to celebrate all together or with others. 

Celebrate with a graduation party 

Graduation season is an exciting and busy time, especially at school! Sign ups are a great way to organize celebrations and activities for the senior class from graduation festivities to athletics banquets. If you're tasked with coordinating an event for the graduates, check out these helpful organizing tips before planning.  

Send out a sign up to request donations, decoration assistance and chaperones to make event coordination a breeze. Whether your students are moving from pre-K to elementary school or receiving their high school diploma, it's a wonderful reason to celebrate their achievements before they embark on the next chapter. 

Genius Tip: For school-wide celebrations, access the multiple administrators feature on a premium account. You can easily delegate and designate custom roles for sub-admins who are helping to oversee the various sign ups being used for different events and grade levels.  

Plan a community clean up 

It's important to keep the parks and beaches in your community clean and litter free, and what better time than spring to make sure they are ready for everyone to enjoy. Rally your friends and family to make a day out of it or organize a service project for your group, and coordinate with a sign up. 

Want to make sure your community stays beautiful as people get out and use the area more? Set up recurring dates and times for others to volunteer throughout the season.  

Once your "spring-cleaning" duties are completed for your community, coordinate a thank you to show appreciation to everyone who volunteered their time and efforts to help. Recognizing your group's contribution is a great way to rally help for similar projects in the future! 

Now that you've got a few ideas, it's time to spring into action and plan for your upcoming events. We know there are so many genius ways you can use sign ups this spring, so what are you waiting for? Get started today! 

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