Sign Up Guide: Festivals

Festivals are a great way to bring your community together and celebrate. Whether your festival is related to music, art or food, there's a lot of work in organizing a festival. With SignUpGenius, you can easily organize volunteers and register vendors while collecting the necessary information on the sign up form.

Getting Started

Creating a Sign Up

  • Since there are a lot of volunteers involved for festivals, be sure to leverage your planning team in managing volunteers. With the multiple admin feature, you can grant access to team members for managing sign ups and communicating with volunteers or registrants.
  • It's helpful to decide what information you'll need to collect on your sign up form. For example, if you are registering vendors, you can create custom questions to collect specific information on the form.
  • Include a Google Maps link to the event location on your sign up. This way, participants can easily use their GPS to locate the event.
  • If you are registering attendees, volunteers and vendors, you'll want to create multiple sign ups for these distinct roles and link those sign ups together with our tabbing feature.

Additional Features

  • Keep all your organizing efforts streamlined when you use SignUpGenius to register festival attendees. Create a sign up with quantity limits for ticket sales, and sell event tickets directly on the sign up. You can even offer discounts based on date or quantity.

  • Set a stop date on your sign ups to serve as a deadline for accepting registrations. Once the stop date is reached, the sign up will no longer accept registrations.
  • Create custom email reminders or confirmations that are automatically generated and include additional instructions about the event.
By thinking through all the planning items, you can ensure your festival is a hit and set up an organized system that will work for years to come.

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