How to Boost Volunteer Engagement

boost nonprofit volunteer involvement

Whether you are a small or large nonprofit, volunteers are a crucial part of advancing your mission. We're here to help you boost your recruiting efforts — minus the hassle. With SignUpGenius, you can easily create a sign up and manage volunteer recruiting and coordinating.

Recruiting Volunteers with a Sign Up

Get started by creating a sign up. Select your volunteer dates and times or automatically generate a list of recurring dates with our handy tool. With the Hide Past and Future Dates feature, you can also limit the number of dates shown on a sign up. Then, enter slot titles to define the volunteer roles and assign them to dates and times on the sign up.

Once you are ready, publish and share your sign up with potential volunteers. We'd also recommend linking the sign up to your organization's website or social media page to help volunteers regularly locate the volunteer opportunities. This way, you've leveraged a sign up tool on your organization's site without having to hire a developer to build the application. As the creator, you also have complete flexibility and can update the sign up at any time.

Now, you can boost your volunteer roles through various channels and let the sign ups roll in.

Send Custom Reminders/Notifications

Sometimes you need to give volunteers specific information once they have signed up. With our custom reminder and confirmation messages, you can communicate details about a role or attach documents in an email for volunteers to complete.

Custom confirmations are generated after a participant has signed up. Reminder emails are automatically generated. You can select the option to send reminders and have them generated anywhere between one and fourteen days before the volunteer role occurs.

Gather Information with Custom Questions

Need to gather additional information when volunteers sign up? You can! As a default, a sign up only requires a name and email address. However, you can create custom questions on the sign up to get the information you need. You can create one custom question with a basic plan. With our Premium plans, you can create between two and 10 custom questions.

Participant responses do not appear on the sign up. They are only visible to the sign up administrator. You can run a report to view this data and even export it to a spreadsheet. With our integrations feature, sign ups can automatically share volunteer data with other applications.

Connect Sign Ups with Tabbing

If your organization hosts a number of various volunteer opportunities or events, it's generally best to create distinct sign ups for each event. This way, you don't have too much information on a single sign up.

Our Tabbing feature combines multiple sign ups into selectable tabs that can be accessed by sending group members one link. This way, all sign up sheets are distinct but combined in a single location — allowing participants to select a tab and view the sign up opportunities within that particular tab.

Now look at all you've accomplished to reach your goals. With online sign ups you:

  • Stepped up your volunteer recruiting efforts.
  • Streamlined the process for coordinating and communicating with volunteers.
  • Collected volunteer data.
  • Combined various volunteer events into a single location.
Nice work! With all the time you saved, you can focus on other areas that help drive value for your organization. Keep up the good work!

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