5 Features to Simplify Pool and Swim Team Scheduling

photo of kids swimming at the edge of the pool with their hands on the side looking up

You know it's time to dive into summer when the pool opens! From lap lane reservations to coordinating swim team, SignUpGenius can help organize everything people love about their favorite pool. And with so many activities happening at once, online sign ups make it easy to keep everyone updated on the latest opportunities.

Many kids (and parents) have been counting down to swim team! So much planning goes into the season before swimmers hit the pool. Volunteers often coordinate everything, from hiring coaches and planning meets to organizing concessions and selling spirit wear.

SignUpGenius simplifies pool and swim team organizing so you can enjoy more of summer. Check out these features to help make this season a splash! 

Simplify Swim Scheduling with Time Slots

It's easy to set up schedules for swim team volunteers, lap lane registration, swim lessons and more with online sign ups. Our tool helps people find the time slot that works for them — and gives you a high-dive view of who will show up at the pool when.

screenshot of sign up showing lap pool registration time slots

With our time slot feature, you can quickly fill out your sign up with recurring times. You can set the date range, day(s) of the week, time range and time slot increment, and the slots will automatically generate on your sign up.

screenshot of time slot generator

This video shows you the steps to automatically generate dates and times on your sign up. 

Set Start and Stop Dates

If you want to avoid last-minute changes to your schedules, you can activate our start/stop feature to automatically open and close your sign up at certain dates and times. This will give everyone an equal chance to claim their favorite lap lane or volunteer slot and prevent people from canceling at the last minute.

The start/stop dates feature is available with SignUpGenius Gold and Platinum premium subscriptions.

screenshot of start stop dates area

Hide Past/Future Dates

 Help people find the most current opportunities by hiding past or future dates. Your participants will be grateful when you eliminate unnecessary scrolling through dates that have already passed.

With this feature (included with all premium levels), past dates automatically disappear from the sign up, and the most current available slots stay at the top of the page. You can also set up your sign up so it will only display dates a certain number of days in the future. With this option to hide future dates, slots will automatically show up on the page when the time gets within the specified range.


 With Sign Up Tabbing, you can combine sign ups into selectable tabs. This is helpful when you want to display separate sign ups for swim meets, pool operations and more. You can send one link that will lead to all the tabbed sign ups — making it easy for participants to review all the latest events.

Tabbing is included with all levels of premium subscriptions.

screenshot of two sign ups for swim meet volunteers tabbed together

Automatic Reminders

People often sign up for volunteer slots weeks in advance, so that essential lane timing spot for the swim meet may no longer be top of mind. Organizers can set automatic reminder emails to be sent to participants a few days before the event (the default setting is two days).

screenshot of reminder email for swim meet volunteers

The pool can turn into a home away from home during the summer, giving families a place to escape the heat and make memories together. SignUpGenius makes it easy to organize your events so your swimmers can make the most of their fun in the sun!

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