4 Tips for Creating a COVID-19 Vaccine Sign Up

illustration of medical professional making appointment on a calendar

Note: If you are looking for a specific vaccine sign up, see this FAQ on how to find a sign up.

As vaccinations rapidly roll out, organizations are looking for ways to quickly create a process for scheduling vaccination appointments. Online sign ups offer an effective way to simplify appointment scheduling. You'll want to consider a Platinum or Enterprise plan to get the support and assistance you need, and to take advantage of features designed for larger organizations.

That said, to be sure you are set for success, here are four tips to ensure you make the most of your sign up and create a helpful process for you and your audience.

Keep Sign Ups Private

When people sign up, only their name and comments appear on the sign up. No other information, including email addresses, is displayed on the sign up. This information is only available to the sign up creator. You can access this information by running a report on your sign up.

Hiding names on a sign up allows your audience to privately schedule their appointment and maintain anonymity. Only the sign up administrators will be able to see names.

screenshot of vaccine appointment slots with names hidden

Restrict Who Can Sign Up

Since vaccines are being rolled out in stages, only select people are eligible for vaccinations. Fortunately, we offer a feature that limits sign ups to only an approved list of email addresses that are listed in your sign up group. Anyone who attempts to sign up with a different email address than the one listed in your group would be rejected.

Keep in mind that if someone in your approved group attempts to sign up with an email address that is different than the one in your group, they would also be rejected. So, you'll want to emphasize the importance of using the email address they have on file with you. Contact our support team for more tips on successfully using this feature.

Need to restrict people from signing up for more than one spot? With our quantity limits feature, you can limit each person to a single sign up slot to prevent them from booking multiple appointments. If they attempt to do this, our system will notify them of the restriction.

screenshot of sign up quantity limit message

Add a Map to Your Sign Up

Once people sign up, they'll need to know the location for vaccinations. With our mapping feature, you can easily provide the address that will link to Google Maps. The address and link will also be available in sign up confirmation and reminder emails for easy access for participants. You can also customize those sign up confirmation and reminder emails to provide any last-minute vaccination specific details to participants.

screenshot of confirmation page with link to Google Maps location

If you have any additional forms that need to be completed or legal documents that need to be provided prior to the appointment, you can attach these documents to the sign up or provide them in the sign up confirmation email. This way, your participants can easily access and print forms that they'll need to bring for their scheduled appointment.

screenshot of related files

Help People Find the Sign Up

Just because you hit "Publish" on your sign up doesn't mean people will actually find your sign up. You'll want to be sure to either send email invites from our site or copy the link to the published sign up and share it from your own email program. You can also post the link on a website or share it any way you prefer. Over time, you may even want to consider embedding the sign up into your website.

Now that you know about these tips and features, you're on your way to getting started. If you have any questions along the way, be sure to reach out to our support team for fast and friendly assistance.

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