College Organization Tips for a Successful Year on Campus

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Students are moved in, classes are back in session and campus is coming to life. Get ready for a stellar school year at your college or university with our time-saving tips and ideas. 

In the Classroom

College is different than any other learning environment. Give yourself grace as you adjust to a new year and schedule. Keep these tips in mind to keep your stress levels low and your GPA high:

  • Take care of yourself first and foremost. Try some of these stress-reducing tips, and never shy away from talking to someone you trust (an RA, professor, advisor) when you feel like you’re drowning in academic responsibilities.
  • Start your year off strong by planning out assignments and due dates ahead of time. Try these 15 organizational tips for ideas on how to get prepared BEFORE midterms hit. Genius Tip:  Sign up for office hours before you need to. Building a relationship with your professor from the start will reflect in your grades.
  • Start your study strategy early — before exams come around. Read these study tips to get your head in the game, and gather study buddies who will push you to focus on learning instead of distracting you in the library.

In Your Residence Hall

From late night study snacks to cheering on the basketball team, a lot of good memories happen in college residence halls. Check out these ideas for making the most of dorm life:

  • Use this list of questions to get to know your roommates and suitemates, and start to form some lasting memories!
  • Plan a community party if you’re an RA or other residential leader to bring everyone together at the beginning of the semester. Genius Tip: Don’t forget that free food is always a good incentive for college kids!
  • Stay happy and healthy with these snack ideas while eating in your campus dining hall. Most colleges have lots of resources on healthy eating habits — and maybe even a campus nutritionist!

In Your Student Organization

Some of your favorite college memories may come from getting involved in a student organization that aligns with your passions. These tips can help your group make maximum impact:

No cramming needed! You’re off to a great start for a genius year. 

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