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teacher appreciation ideas, thank you letters19. Place flower or balloon bouquets in the teacher’s lounge. 

20. Place healthy snacks, gourmet coffee and teas in the teacher’s lounge throughout the week. 

21. Take out an ad in the local newspaper to thank the teachers in your school. 

22. Buy books portraying teachers in a positive way and add to the school library’s collection. 

23. Work with your state’s teacher association to publish a “teacher feature” in your state PTA newsletter.  

24. Construct a giant teacher thank you card and have students sign through the week. Display in the front lobby. 

25. Give the teachers a break from morning and afternoon carpool duty. Enlist volunteers to take their place. 

26. Schedule volunteers on SignUpGenius to help in the classroom each day to give teachers a well-deserved break.

SignUpGenius makes it easy to schedule school volunteers! EXAMPLE

27. Nominate your student’s teachers for local and national awards. 

28. Plant a tree or flowers on the school property to honor all of the educators in the school. 

29. Organize a Supply Day. Have students bring in one school supply such as tissues, hand sanitizer, glue sticks, etc. and give to their teacher. Organize the supply list online! 

Book club online volunteer sign up Parent teacher conference school class meeting sign up School class supply wish list volunteer sign up form

30. Arrange for volunteers to make a special delivery to teachers of sweet treats and drinks to their classrooms. 

31. Make a coffee run. Have teachers place their orders on their favorite coffee or tea and deliver at their lunchtime.

32. Ask every teacher what his or her favorite book is and purchase a copy for the school library. Include a bookplate with the name of the teacher whose favorite book it is. 

33. Host a Banana Split Afternoon. Put a banana in the box of all staff members with a note, which says, “Don’t split after school. Bring this banana to Room ________.” Have all the ice cream and toppings donated via an online sign up and host a yummy ice cream social. 

34. Decorate teacher’s desks with balloons, banners, and crepe paper before they arrive in the morning.


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Just wanted to let you know what a HUGE time-saver SignUpGenius has been to me in planning numerous classroom parties and school events as well as some personal social gatherings. It's really a great tool, and I so appreciate you making it available for others to use. As in your comments, I'm much to busy to be worried about the silly details of coordinating things like snacks and sign-ups, so using this is freeing me up for more important (&fun!) activities. Thank You!!!!
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