Remove Ads from Sign Ups

Each paid subscription allows a certain number of sign ups to display without third-party advertising. When you are logged in, click the circle in the upper righthand corner of the page that shows your initials or picture and then select “Billing.” Under “Active Products,” click “Assign No Ads.” Select the box next to a sign up to assign no-ads licenses. If a sign up has ended and you wish to move that no-ads license to an active sign up, go back to this page and uncheck the sign up that has ended, and then check an active sign up to assign it to.

You can also assign the no-ads license to the sign up when you create or edit the specific sign up. From “Step 5” under the “Preferences” heading, you can check the box that reads: “Remove advertisements from this sign up.” Remember to select the green Update button at the end of the page to save any changes.

See our helpful blog post for more information about eliminating ads.

Posted by SignUpGenius