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40 New Themes!

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Wanting a fresh look for your fall sign up pages?  Try one of our 40 new themes and get your event organized today! With 365 total themes to choose from and the ability to upload your own image - you can always find the perfect look no matter what type of event you are organizing!

Click on the thumnails below for a preview of our newest themes!



Archery sign up sheet
Archery - See Clubs & Groups Category
Art Pencils sign up sheet
Art Pencils - See Arts & Media Category
Baby Stork sign up sheet
Baby Stork - See Family Category
Back to School sign up sheet
Back to School - See Education Category
Baseball 4 sign up sheet
Baseball 4 - See Sports Category
Bible Study sign up sheet
Bible Study - See Religion Category
Billiards sign up sheet
Billiards - See Clubs & Groups Category
Calendar sign up sheet
Calendar - See General Category
Car Pool sign up sheet
Car Pool - See General Category
Cheerleading 3 sign up sheet
Cheerleading 3 - See Sports Category
Chicken sign up sheet
Chicken - See Food Category
Chili sign up sheet
Chili - See Food Category
Choir sign up sheet
Choir - See Arts & Media Category
Coffee 2 sign up sheet
Coffee 2 - See Food Category
Cross 4 sign up sheet
Cross 4 - See Religion Category
Dessert II sign up sheet
Dessert II - See Food Category
Fishing sign up sheet
Fishing - See Clubs & Groups Category
Football 4 sign up sheet
Football 4 - See Sports Category
Growing sign up sheet
Growing - See Clubs & Groups Category
Happy Hour sign up sheet
Happy Hour - See Food Category
Hiking sign up sheet
Hiking - See General Category
Marshmallow sign up sheet
Marshmallow - See Food Category
Music V sign up sheet
Music V - See Clubs & Groups Category
Painting sign up sheet
Painting - See Education Category
Running 2 sign up sheet
Running 2 - See Sports Category
School Bus II sign up sheet
School Bus II - See Education Category
School Fun sign up sheet
School Fun - See Education Category
School Supplies sign up sheet
School Supplies - See Education Category
Soccer 5 sign up sheet
Soccer 5 - See Sports Category
Swimming VI sign up sheet
Swimming VI - See Sports Category
Talent Show sign up sheet
Talent Show - See Arts & Media Category
Tennis 2 sign up sheet
Tennis 2 - See Sports Category
Thank You sign up sheet
Thank You - See General Category
Theatre sign up sheet
Theatre - See Arts & Media Category
Tickets sign up sheet
Tickets - See Clubs & Groups Category
Tools sign up sheet
Tools - See General Category
Torah sign up sheet
Torah - See Religion Category
Vote sign up sheet
Vote - See General Category
Waffles sign up sheet
Waffles - See Food Category
World Kids sign up sheet
World Kids - See Education Category

Posted by Dan Rutledge on Thursday, November 08, 2012 1:29 PM EDT
Thanks for writing and great comment. The functionality you are talking about is about to be released in our Pro version. If you'd like to be a part of our beta test, see the page below for more information:
Posted by K of C Reading on Thursday, November 08, 2012 6:32 PM EDT
St. Luke's - what we did was to setup an account with an email address that has email forwarding capability so that we could have multiple people receive email when signups are updated. If you have a Gmail account you can do this; it has a nice forwarding feature or you could setup a Google or Yahoo group and have the signup form associated with that group email address.
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