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NEW FEATURE: Sign Up Transfer Wizard

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SignUpGenius Build 3.162

Sign up creators have even more power at their fingertips with the new release of the sign up transfer wizard!  Now sign up creators can transfer a sign up into another user's account for them to manage. This feature, used in combination with our duplication capabilities, is extremely useful for large organizations like schools that have many similar sign ups. Consider the scenario of a school that is planning parent-teacher conferences: A school admin could make a single sign up form to handle a classroom conference schedule. The admin could then duplicate the sign up multiple times to create identical copies. Using the transfer wizard, the admin could then transfer a copy of the sign up into the account of individual teachers who can then manage the interaction with their children's parents. In only a few minutes, an entire school can be setup with sign ups!

Look for the button to "Transfer a Sign Up" or "Duplicate a Sign Up" on the My Account page, under the "Icon View" of the sign ups you've created.

Also released this week is a much-requested feature: the ability to "order" the sign up items on your sign up in a way other than alphabetically. Sign up creators now get a choice whether to order their items alphabetically or in the order that they are entered into our system! This is extremely useful in scenarios where you want to enter TIME SLOTS on the items screen instead of on the date/times screen.

Look for the item order option on the "People Needed" or "Items to Bring" screen of the sign up configuration wizard.


Posted by Carol Jones on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 8:59 PM EST
Dan, You rock!
Posted by Dan Rutledge on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 7:50 AM EST
Ha! Thanks Michelle. :) Lots more items in the works, so hopefully we can keep rocking it for you!
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