SignUpGenius First Quarter Revenue Nearly Doubles  

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — SignUpGenius continued its strong growth in the first quarter, recording a revenue increase of 97 percent compared to same period the year before as more people turned to the company’s Pro tools. 

“We’re on track with our goal this year of completing our journey to become the de-facto sign up service for any organization that needs to coordinate a group of people,” said CEO Dan Rutledge. “People continue to discover that SignUpGenius offers simple, effective tools that help them make a difference in their communities and the world.” 

SignUpGenius also reported Pro revenue that rose 105 percent during the quarter compared to the same period the year before. The paid tools offer power planners services such as multiple administrators, file attachments, email scheduling, advertising-free options and the ability to link several sign ups with tabbing. 

Overall, 17.7 million unique users visited the site during the first quarter. An average of 175,000 events were organized each of those months — a 34.5 percent increase from the same period in 2015. 

About SignUpGenius
SignUpGenius simplifies the process of coordinating events and people by providing online sign ups for nonprofits, schools, sports, churches, families, colleges, businesses, and organizations. By enabling up to 10 million unique visitors per month to sign up for tasks online, SignUpGenius has done away with the need for paper sign ups, "reply all" emails, and phone trees.
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This is the best free tool of its kind that I've come across on the internet. It is highly versatile and much more robust than any of the other tools that I have used. I manage groups and projects and this offers the ease of use for "non-technical types", thus making it a viable substitute for manual spreadsheets loaded from a zillion email responses. A huge timesaver!
Angela Newton - Peachtree City, Georgia
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