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SignUpGenius was developed by a crack-team of nuclear physicists as part of a top-secret operation commissioned by the President of the United States and operating out of a secluded government facility underneath Mount Rushmore. Ok, that's not exactly true - but to the small passionate team here in Charlotte, NC - we take our organizing mission that seriously! 

We're busy. Really busy. Probably a lot like you. The idea for SignUpGenius was sparked out of need to simplify and organize the various groups and communities we are involved in.

We were having a party for our church small group one time and told people with last names starting with A-M to bring drinks and those with N-Z to bring snacks. We all showed up and were shocked to find that every snack family brought chips and salsa and every drinks family brought Diet Coke! It was the most disgusting party meal ever!

Another time I was coaching a kids soccer team where the team mom created a paper sign-up sheet to organize snacks. Seemed like it would work... until one mom had a conflict and asked a couple other people to swap around. Everyone got confused... and at least one family forgot. We ended up having numerous games where the kids sat on the sidelines, without anything, watching the other team eat their snacks!

I've got too many important things on my plate to stress about stuff like this. I kept thinking to myself... there has got to be a better way. So I set out to create one.
Dan Rutledge, Creator of SignUpGenius


We hope that this tool is as useful to you as it is to us. Use it for FREE and tell your friends. And with all your new found free time... drop us a note to let us know how it's helped you!

The Genius Team

Dan Rutledge Dan Rutledge, Genius CEO
Dan leads the team at SignUpGenius and is highly esteemed by the staff... not for his 18+ years of web development experience, but mainly because of how much coffee he can drink without convulsing. With a diverse technology skillset including programming, graphic design, hardware architecture, and film production - Dan built the first version of SignUpGenius after an epic failure organizing snacks for his kids' soccer team. When not coding, designing, or strategizing - Dan likes to go running at ridiculously early times in the morning and pretend he's a comedian on Twitter. His dream is that one day SignUpGenius will also be able to organize his garage.

Mike Vadini Mike Vadini, Genius Founder
Mike is a serial entrepreneur, having founded SignUpGenius and so many other companies that he can hardly remember them all. In fact, sometimes when he walks into a business - he asks them if he's the owner, just to be safe. He is well-known in the managed services industry as he founded and served as the CEO of the global IT firm, TITAN GS , which was acquired by Velocity in 2014. These days he can be found travelling the world spouting out very important businessy abbreviations like EPM, SAS, CRM, ROI, and SAP to CFOs, CIOs, and CEOs. LOL! His dream is that one day SignUpGenius will organize the PGA tour and they'll let him play.

Angel Rutledge Angel Rutledge, Genius COO, CMO
Angel is tasked with keeping the unruly SignUpGenius staff in order. The mad management skills she's learned from being a mom to four kids come in quite handy. “Don't make me ground you for leaving the toilet seat up!” is just as powerful a threat at the office as at home. When she's not talking strategy with her office peeps, dreaming up new marketing initiatives, or enticing candidates with our super cool corporate culture, she enjoys working out, listening to historical audio books, and leading mission trips to Liberia. Her dream is that one day SignUpGenius will have a feature that smacks people upside the head if they forget their responsibility. As long as it's not her.

Cindy Stephan Cindy Stephan, Genius Operations Administrator
Cindy is the organizing Wonder Woman of our team operations. Lassoing unruly vendors into order and deflecting office crises with her indestructible bracelets are merely two weapons in her impressive arsenal. When she's not rescuing team members from the jaws of chaos, Cindy enjoys rafting, zip lining and traveling with her teen son. Her dream is to one day fly to a resort in Greece in the invisible SignUpGenius jet... if only she could find it in the parking lot.

Jad Talbert Jad Talbert, Genius VP of Development
Jad is a technology Jedi who can architect websites even while blindfolded and attacked by a training drone. With extensive background in programming, team leadership, and information systems, Jad used to have a big wig title at a snooty tootie company - but he decided to join the Genius team when we told him we'd stock the break room with Little Debbie snack cakes. When he's not developing, discussing design patterns, or spouting Yoda quotes, Jad enjoys fishing and hunting with his teen boys. Jad's dream is to one day have Duck Dynasty contact him for assistance in using SignUpGenius to organize their family potluck.

David Schaller David Schaller, Genius Senior Developer
David is a ColdFusion ninja who is so good at programming that he sometimes walks around the office speaking in binary, just for fun. When he's not adding some new fangled feature to SignUpGenius, he enjoys motorcycle riding, playing the ukulele, and soundly defeating his eight-year-old daughter in board games. His dream is that one day SignUpGenius will finally be so intuitive and easy to use that his mom won't have to call and ask him for help.

Jojo Serquina Jojo Serquina, Genius Senior Developer
Jojo is a lightning fast programmer who makes coding look as easy as a cheerleader doing the splits. Thankfully, he doesn't wear those tiny skirts to do it. When he's not making his PC smoke, he likes to grow Asian vegetables, hang out with his wife and three kids, and create complex deli sandwiches for lunch. Usually a harmless guy, Jojo will perform a throw down headlock on anyone who suggests Auburn is better than Alabama. Roll Tide Roll!

Todd Bruss Todd Bruss, Genius Graphic Designer
Todd enjoys mixing his techie skills with his artistic design know-how to create graphics for SignUpGenius. When asked what his favorite color is, he likes to point out that there are 18 decillion perceived colors. That's 33 zeros, people. You might want to think about that the next time you answer “green.” Todd likes coaching his kids' flag football teams, drinking Orange Fanta soda, and watching the 1978 Star Wars movie…in his Chewbacca costume. He dreams of one day retiring from his lucrative day job and taking his mom's potato candy recipe to the masses.

Kate White Kate White, Genius Marketing Strategist
Kate has the fun job of telling every single person in the known universe about SignUpGenius (including anyone on Pluto, even if it isn't a planet). When she's not writing articles, organizing a contest, or connecting with partners... you can find her practicing yoga, baking, reading, or having a dance party with her two kids - and quite possibly doing all of that at the same time. Her dream is that one day she will be told that her main focus should be to market SignUpGenius to people on resort beaches in Jamaica and that she needs to travel there... like NOW.

Teresa Clark Teresa Clark, Genius Senior Support Analyst
As a former teacher, Teresa loves to provide helpful answers and encouragement to the many schools that use SignUpGenius. She especially appreciates when an occasional room-mom writes into support at 3am in the morning on a weekend and says, "It's been an hour since I submitted my ticket... how come I haven't heard back?!" When she's not involved in a deep discussion on the intricacies of parent/teacher conference coordination, she enjoys cooking, baking, helping others, and being mom to four active kids. Her dream is that one day SignUpGenius will get so big that her job responsibility will be to spend the entire day pinning things on Pinterest.

Amy Tidwell Amy Tidwell, Genius Senior Support Analyst
Amy loves to answer questions and help our fantastic SignUpGenius users. She especially appreciates when an occasional frustrated user will type in ALL CAPS and end their sentences with multiple exclamation points!!!!! When she's not instructing people on the art and science of potluck organization, she enjoys running, watching Auburn football, and singing in the choir. Her dream is that one day Siri will be able to answer the SignUpGenius questions for her and she could just take her three girls shopping.

Kirsten Mayers Kirsten Mayers, Genius Support Analyst
Kirsten loves to answer questions and help our many SignUpGenius users. Since she's half-Canadian, she's our only bilingual staff member that can answer people that write in using Canadian English. It's not easy, eh? In addition to helping our users, Kirsten helps test out our newest SignUpGenius features. She has a gift with breaking things and enjoys finding bugs and laughing in the face of the developers. When she's not knee-deep in testing and support, Kirsten enjoys Longhorn football, triathlons, and being a hockey-mom. Her dream is that one day Disney will use SignUpGenius to organize their entire cruise fleet and she will have to take her family on a tropical vacation each month... just in case they have any questions.

Jen Kaplan Jen Kaplan, Genius Support Analyst
Jen enjoys supporting sign up creators and participants as they plan their world changing events. As a former industrial engineer from Michigan (Go Blue!), Jen cannot only answer the toughest support questions, but she can also point out where she used to live using her hand as a map! She especially appreciates when a user will write in asking for help without providing any details except "it no work" as the explanation. When she's not exercising her analytical or psychic skills to help a user, Jen enjoys being a boymama to two busy tweens. Her dream is to one day scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef with her family….and David Bowie.

Betsy Lytle Betsy Lytle, Genius Support Analyst
As part of our support team, Betsy loves to answer questions and help users save time using SignUpGenius. A former chemical engineer, Betsy's keen analytical abilities also come in handy for testing new site features... and, of course, analyzing the pH balance of the office coffee pot! Although she has a mild-mannered personality at the office, her true colors come out at home where she is a cutthroat ping pong, badminton, and disc golf player who enjoys putting the sports smack-down on her two teen daughters. Always up for a new challenge, Betsy dreams of one day becoming either a professional flutist or a contestant on American Ninja Warrior... because... well... why not?

Jen Kaplan Kelly Johnson, Genius Support Analyst
Kelly is a support superstar at SignUpGenius, where she enjoys answering complex questions like, "What’s the meaning of life?" and "How do I change the date on a sign up?" When she's not replying to the smoke-signals sent out by people who still use paper sign ups, she enjoys gardening, home décor projects, and being an organizing rock star mom to her two daughters. Her dream is that one day Taylor Swift will use SignUpGenius to coordinate her tour dates and will need a personal liaison to travel with her - just in case!

Betsy Lytle Kayla Rutledge, Genius Marketing Intern
Kayla is a marketing genius-in-training who thinks it's cool to finally get paid to tweet. When she's not counting SignUpGenius stress ball swag or writing funny copy, she enjoys eating cheese quesadillas, acting, and watching copious amounts of medical TV dramas. Her dream is that one day SignUpGenius will create a scholarship for a teen whose hair reminds them of Albert Einstein's. That way she can pay for college.


Posted by Dan Rutledge

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