5 Ways to Promote Your Sign Up

illustration of person holding a megaphone in front of a smart phone with a group of people

You've created a sign up. Now you need to get people to actually sign up. Unless you're hoping we've completed that new telepathy feature, you're going to have to promote the sign up.

Fortunately, we have already developed some helpful ways to make it easy for your audience to locate your sign up. So, if you're ready to watch the sign ups roll in, be sure to try some of these helpful features for sharing and promoting your sign up.

Include Link in a Newsletter

Email is still one of the best ways to communicate with your audience — especially if you know how to create a compelling newsletter.

Our sign ups come with a unique link that you can paste directly into your newsletter or even as the Call-to-Action (CTA) button. Some sites, such as Mailchimp and Smore allow you to easily enter the sign up link into a field to create a clickable button in your newsletter.

Genius TipAdd a QR code to your newsletter with our QR code generator.

screenshot of an email showing an embedded sign up button

Embed the Sign Up on a Website

If you're planning larger-scale events or have a website for your school or organization, you may want to consider embedding the sign up directly into your website. This makes the sign up easy to locate, and you can customize the design and remove SignUpGenius branding so that the sign up has the look and feel of your website.

This way, when your audience visits your website to sign up or register, they can easily access the sign up form and register directly from your website. It's a perfect option for large-scale events or organizations. 

animation of embedded sign up on a website

Share Your Link on Social Media

Sometimes Facebook is the website or main communication channel for an organization. If that's the case for you, you might want to consider posting the sign up link on your Facebook page. This way, your sign up is easily promoted to an audience. Plus, it's easy for people to click the link and visit your sign up page.

Genius Tip: If you share it on a site such as Facebook, you'll want to be sure to pin it so that it remains at the top of your page and is not hidden by future posts. 

Embed a Sign Up Button on Your Website

With our Web Button feature, you can embed a sign up button to a single sign up or to an index page that lists all your active sign ups. The option is completely free and a great way to boost the visibility of your sign up.

screenshot of web button builder area

With this option, you can simply tell your audience to visit your website to sign up. This way, you don't have to worry about sharing a link or whether everyone got invited. It's especially helpful when you don't know all the email addresses of those you'd like to invite.

Genius Tip: If you only want to display select sign ups, our Portal Page is the best option. With this feature, you can fully customize the page to meet your needs. From there, you can embed portal pages into your website, similar to embedding a single sign up. Having select sign ups in one location on your site makes it easy for your audience to locate them.

screenshot of portal page embedded in a website for healthcare employee opportunities

Send Invites from SignUpGenius

You can always send your sign up invites directly from our site. Customize the invitation text and a prominent sign up button will direct your audience to the sign up.

With a premium plan, you have the option to match the coloring of the invitation with your sign up. Additionally, you can attach files, such as a waiver or liability form, to your sign up invitation.

screenshot of email inviting someone to sign up

Whew! Who knew there were so many great ways to spread the word about your sign up. Now that you are in the know, get going with a plan to boost your sign up promotion.

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