Winning Sports Team Ideas for an Organized Season

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You want to be at the top of your game for a successful sports season — and no, chances are Tom Brady can’t join your youth football team. With these organizing tips for coaches and parents, team planning will be a touchdown!  

Put Together Your Game Plan

Before the season begins, there are a lot of logistics for a coach or parent to think through. 

  • Organize a team meal during the pre-season that helps everyone get to know each other. Use these 25 easy team meal ideas, and don’t forget to create an online sign up so players can contribute potluck-style.
  • Plan a sports carpool so you’re not running all over town. Bonus points: Pat yourself on the back for lowering your energy footprint AND saving time.
  • Being a coach isn’t for the faint of heart. Try these 25 coaching tips or get inspired by 40 of our favorite sports quotes. You’ll need that material for your halftime speech!
  • Raise money for your team’s tournament trip, equipment or new uniforms with these unique youth sports fundraisers. Running a concession stand? Schedule your volunteers with an online sign up.

Organize Your Team

Hit it Out of the Park

Preparation is the key to success — or at least a season where no one forgets to bring post-game snacks! 

  • Build team chemistry with 30 icebreaker ideas and activities. It’s great to be competitive, but teammates need to learn to work together!
  • Fuel the team with healthy snacks, and create a sign up so no one forgets a responsibility. We’ll send automatic reminders via text message or email!
  • Want to reward your coach and parents for a fun season? Check out these 40 gift ideas for those who made it all happen.
  • Celebrate the end of the season with a team party. Present superlatives, relive the beginning of the season and remember to take a final group picture!

Give a Group Gift

Be a Genius Organizer

By midseason, we all need that extra boost. Advanced tools will help you advance team success.  

  • Keep everyone up to date with game or practice changes using our text messaging feature.
  • Improve communication with our Zapier integration. Connect sign up data with popular online tools such as MailChimp, Google Sheets and Constant Contact.
  • Export volunteer reports to keep track of volunteer hours and attendance. Great to keep up with who’s fulfilled their commitment for the season.

Get Pro

Keep these steps in mind, and you’re sure to have a GENIUS season.