5 Ways PTAs Can Use Sign Ups

As a new year begins, parent teacher groups gear up to support the school community in a variety of ways. These rockstar volunteers are responsible for many events and programs that enrich students' learning and experience. 

Sign ups provide powerful tools to simplify event organization and coordinate volunteers, so you can spend more time where your efforts matter most. Explore five ways PTAs can leverage sign ups to streamline their operations and boost parent involvement. 

1. Organize back-to-school events 

Back-to-school events are essential for creating a welcoming environment and building a sense of community among students, parents, and teachers. But with so many people and events to coordinate, taking care of every detail can be a daunting task. 

Sign ups help PTA groups organize events like orientation sessions, curriculum nights and meet-and-greet activities. You can easily specify event details, customize design, recruit volunteers and send automatic reminders. Smart sign up features streamline the busy work of event coordination, helping to encourage participation and foster a positive start to the school year. 

2. Efficient volunteer recruitment 

Volunteers are the lifeblood of PTAs and recruiting them effectively is crucial.  

Sign ups simplify the volunteer recruitment process by providing a simple way to schedule and connect with new volunteers. It's easy to specify volunteer roles, such as classroom helpers, field trip chaperones, or event coordinators when creating a sign up. You can clearly outline tasks, detail time commitments and communicate any necessary instructions or requirements.  

Participants will receive automatic confirmation messages after signing up, and you can also set up automatic reminder messages to send a few days before the event. You'll not only help conveniently coordinate volunteer commitments but also ensure regular communication to reduce no-shows. 

You can efficiently manage volunteer recruitment with sign ups and make sure that all necessary roles are filled! 

3. Plan book fairs with ease 

Book fairs are popular PTA events that promote literacy and generate funds for the school. But between vendors, teachers, students, administrators, and volunteers, there can be a lot of people to manage.  

You can simplify the planning process by creating sign ups for classroom visits, volunteer shifts and read aloud sessions. Include all the details participants need to know in one place, and easily send sign up invites to participants. With our tabbing feature, you can group multiple sign ups together under one link, making it easy for people to find the sign ups that apply to them.  

By using sign ups for book fairs, PTAs can ensure a well-organized and successful event that benefits both the school and the community. 

4. Streamline fundraising events 

Fundraising events play a vital role in supporting various programs and initiatives within schools. Your PTA can simplify the planning, coordination, and payments of fundraising events with sign ups. 

Whether it's a gala, a fun run, or a silent auction, you can create sign ups for volunteers, food donations, event set up, ticket sales, and more. You can collect money directly on your sign up with SignUpGenius payments, powered by Stripe. Participants will love the efficiency of signing up and paying at the same time, and your PTA no longer needs to worry with cash, chasing late payments, or missing funds. 

Need fundraising reports for accounting or next year's planning? It's easy to pull custom payment reports so you know exactly what your organization raised on your sign ups. You can also create custom reports to see all information from the event and save for future events. 

With sign ups, you're taking the stress-free approach to smooth event execution. Maximize the fundraising potential for your PTA with less admin work and better communication. 

5. Spirit wear sales 

Selling spirit wear helps promote school pride and raise funds to benefit essential programs. Managing spirit wear can be time-consuming and prone to errors but sign ups can simplify your process and help increase sales. 

You can list your spirit wear items for sale and include images on your sign up slots, and securely collect funds online using LumaPay. You can make payment optional or required (to give people an option to pay in person) and even offer discounts for participants who purchase a certain number of items. After your event, use our reporting features to create custom payment and sign up reports for accounting, planning, or budgeting purposes. 

Adding payments directly into your sign ups eliminates the need for handling cash, reduces administrative tasks, and simplifies financial record-keeping for your spirit wear team.  

Successful event organization is essential for a thriving school community - and sign ups make it easy for PTA's to streamline processes. With sign ups, you can save time and create memorable experiences, foster community engagement, and support the educational journey of students, parents, and teachers. 

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