Plan the Perfect July 4th Party

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The Fourth of July is the perfect time to bring your friends, neighborhood or community closer by hosting a party. Show your USA spirit and start planning now for your Independence Day bash! 

Make It a Potluck

  • Coordinate food with a 4th of July cookout sign up to make sure all your bases are covered! The host can provide the main dish, and guests can sign up for sides and desserts.
  • Need some inspiration beyond traditional Americana food? Plan the perfect potluck to fulfill everybody’s food desires. Whether it is a southern BBQ or a chili cook-off, try these 50 creative potluck themes so everybody can bring something to add to the fun!

Throw a Party to Remember

Plan a July 4th Event

With this genius advice at your fingertips, you can plan a smashing 4th of July party. Don’t forget to invite Uncle Sam! 

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