7 Sign Up Hacks for Genius Fall Events

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Whether you’re organizing volunteers for the annual fall festival, coordinating parent teacher conferences or launching a nonprofit fundraising campaign, SignUpGenius has the tools to make your events easier. 

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite tips to help you recruit more volunteers, raise more money and run effective, impactful events.  

  1. Create Custom Reminders - Communicate important details — such as what to bring or where to park — by sending customized reminders and notifications. You can even create templates and schedule messages in advance. 
  2. Link Your Sign Ups - Make it easy for group members to sign up for multiple opportunities at once by linking several sign ups together in a tabbed display. Perfect for yearlong opportunities that need volunteers each month or large events held over multiple days or at multiple locations.
  3. Set Sign Up Start & Stop Dates - Prevent early or late sign up participation by setting start and stop dates for your sign up. No more last minute changes! Also ideal for ensuring primo shifts don’t get grabbed before others have a fair chance.
  4. Collect Participant Info - Gather important information during the sign up process. Ask custom questions to determine T-shirt sizes or preferences like meal choice. Depending on your plan, you can ask between one and 25 questions — answers are only visible to the sign up creator. 
  5. Take SignUpGenius On the Go - Add our mobile web app to your smartphone home screen and send messages to event participants quickly and conveniently. You’ll also have easy access to all your online sign ups and extra resource articles with event planning tips and ideas.
  6. Create Reports - Gather stats on your event’s success or tally volunteer hours with custom reports. Make your data work for you to create smarter sign ups! Easily export your information into Excel for offline use.
  7. Duplicate Past Sign Ups - Same event, different year? Duplicate your sign up or transfer it to the new coordinator for a super simple start! You’ll save time by only changing the dates and tweaking your contact list in your Groups tab.
Put these tools into practice for simple and effective group organizing. You’ll look every bit of the genius you are!     

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