Sign Up Guide: Concession Stands

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Whether you are managing a youth sports league or a community theater, concession stands are a great way to feed hungry spectators and raise money to support your organization.

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Planning for a Concession Stand

  • Plan out the dates for the entire season. This way, volunteers can plan ahead. Try these helpful tips for running a successful concession stand.
  • Decide on the roles for each volunteer. Some roles may only serve as a cashier while other concession stands need a cook or a runner.
  • Check local ordinances to see if you need any particular licenses to run a concession stand.
  • Decide whether you will purchase food or request donations. With our Collect Money feature, you can even collect money for the food items on your sign up.
  • Decide on the items you will stock. Try some of these 50 concession stand food ideas.

Creating Your Sign Up

  • Select the dates for the event. If your event has recurring dates, such as every Saturday, you can set up recurring dates to automatically generate the dates you need.
  • Create slots for each role. If some days are busier than others, you can create a slot with a higher number of volunteers needed and assign that slot to your peak times or busier days.

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  • Select when you'd like us to automatically send reminders to volunteers who have signed up for a specific slot.
  • Be sure to leave the option to swap slots selected so that people can send a swap request to a volunteer signed up on a different day.
  • Share your sign up and recruit volunteers! You can even post the link to the sign up on a website.

Try These Genius Tips

  • If you need a sign up for volunteers and donations, it's best to create two distinct sign ups — one with dates for the various volunteer roles and one with no dates and only slots to accept donations for the needed items. With our tabbing feature, you can link these sign ups together so you only need to send one invite email.

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  • With our texting feature, you can communicate timely updates or changes to your volunteers.
  • Be sure to use the locking feature (found in the Settings tab) to prevent your volunteers from deleting their slots without contacting you. This way, you can ensure no one disappears from the sign up without giving you advance notice.
With our handy sign up tool, you'll easily be able to organize your volunteers without losing any sleep. It'll be a home-run, slam-dunk, break-a-leg kind of success for your organization.

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