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Feed'em Soup Community Project

Wednesday Dinner Service

Age Requirement: 12 when accompanied by an adult, otherwise 15

Note: We can no longer accommodate late arrivals. Dinner starts at 5pm and volunteers need to be trained and in place by then. Arrivals after 5pm will likely be assigned to dishes and clean up if there is a need. Those wishing to volunteer MUST sign up, walk-ins for Wednesday dinner service are typically not accepted.

You will be working in a commercial kitchen or our dining rooms. Volunteers are expected and REQUIRED to follow proper health code and sanitation procedures. Feed’em Soup staff will be able to work with you and properly train you to insure all codes are followed. Volunteers will be working in an environment that contains fire, knives and other sharp objects, bleach, raw meat (chicken, beef, pork) and other potentially hazardous food products, raw produce, peanuts and other potential allergens and other items you may encounter in a commercial kitchen. Volunteers will be working with a variety of very expensive commercial kitchen equipment provided to help our community by donors and grant makers. Volunteers need to ensure the proper handling and care of equipment to ensure it is able to continuously used to feed our community.

What to Wear:

- Closed Toed Shoes. ABSOLUTELY NO sandals or flip flops

- Hair restraint – A Hat, Bandana, Headband etc. If you do not bring your own, we do have less-than-fashionable hair nets.

- As little jewelry as possible

- Comfortable, yet professional clothing. Please, no old sweat pants with letters across the butt.

-  We have Feed'em Soup T-shirts available for purchase. They are $12.00 each. You can also purchase them at Moxie in DeKalb or Stomp in Sycamore. A T-shirt is NOT required, but most volunteers prefer to wear one while volunteering.

- A positive attitude. Like anything in life, your time will include "Customer Service" and as we all know, not all customers are pleasant. Volunteers are expected to handle the rare negative experiences with grace, respect and a smile. 

What to Bring:

- We ask that each volunteer bring a roll of paper towels to donate to help offset the costs to keep them stocked (Approximately $1,500/year)

- An Apron (We do have some available)

Where do I park?

- Every shift EXCEPT Wednesday Dinner Service can park in DeKalb Public Lot 2, directly bordering the south side of our building
- Wednesday Dinner Shift should NOT park in DeKalb Public Lot 2 so that the senior citizens and disabled dinner guests can park in the more accessible spots. The best place to park is in the lot south of our building across the train tracks.

Available Jobs:
Waiter - Takes Orders, Fills Drink Orders, Socializes W/ Guests
Food Runner - Delivers food from kitchen to tables
Service Line - Plates and garnishes food to order
Busser - Cleans and wipes down tables after guests finish dinner
Dish Washer - Washing dishes
Buffet Line - Serving soup, salad and dessert in the main dining room directly to customers

Please make a note in the comment section about which job you would prefer. We will do our best to accommodate requests for volunteers that arrive on time, but we cannot guarantee all requests can be fulfilled.

LOCATION: 122 South First, Downtown DeKalb

LOCATION: 122 South First - Downtown DeKalb

CREATED BY: Feed'em Soup Community Project CONTACT

Date Available Slot
(Wed. 4:40PM- 7:00PM)
Volunteer (15)    14 of 15 slots filled
Usman Beg (10)
Miracle Diala
Joe Becker
Tatyana Jones
Serve soup, salad and dessert
Aida Kilpatrick
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(Wed. 4:40PM- 7:00PM)
Volunteer (15)    11 of 15 slots filled
michelle lim (2)
prefer to work food serving line
Joanna Mulder
I would prefer to work the buffet line
Marzena Szmydt
Christie Chappell
Liz McAllister
Dain Gotto
Jenna Kos
Robert Bulanda
Deidra Thigpen
Tina Losey
(Wed. 4:40PM- 7:00PM)
Volunteer (15)    14 of 15 slots filled
Sara Woodside (2)
Angela Draper (12)
Student Accounting Society
(Wed. 4:40PM- 7:00PM)
Volunteer (15)    All slots filled
Rachel Enfield (15)
Waterman Monsanto Seed Production
(Wed. 4:40PM- 7:00PM)
Volunteer (15)    All slots filled
Sandy Castillo
michelle lim (4)
Aldo Cabanas
Alyssa Gregorec (2)
Richard Echevarria
Jennifer Diedrich (2)
we would prefer to be a food runner or buffet line
Alyson Jarvis
Haley Metcalf
Robert Bulanda
Jasmine Mills
I will have about 15 people with me
(Wed. 4:40PM- 7:00PM)
Volunteer (15)    5 of 15 slots filled
Corinne Rapp
Sandy Castillo
Alyssa Gregorec (2)
food runner
Richard Echevarria
(Wed. 4:40PM- 7:00PM)
Volunteer (15)    5 of 15 slots filled
Alyssa Gregorec (2)
buffet line
Richard Echevarria
Haley Metcalf
Alyson Jarvis
(Wed. 4:40PM- 7:00PM)
Volunteer (15)    9 of 15 slots filled
Richard Echevarria
Haley Metcalf
Alyson Jarvis
Ashley Pearson (6)
Grace Place Campus Ministries
(Wed. 4:40PM- 7:00PM)
Volunteer (15)    All slots filled
Nichole Kasala (15)
Pi Sigma Epsilon