Create a Potluck Sign Up

So you want to create a potluck sign up? You're in luck! Our system works great for potlucks, and you can be as specific or as general as you want in your instructions on what people sign up to bring. 

When you get to Step 4: Slots in the sign up creation wizard, you can enter your sign up items specifically like "bread rolls" or "broccoli and cheese dish," or you can make your sign up items more generic, such as "main dish," "side dish" and "dessert."

At Step 5: Settings, under "My Comment," you can customize the name for this field to prompt responses from group members. For example, you could edit the text to say, "Name of the dish you are bringing." 

When an invitee clicks the sign up button, the next page will have a field where they can enter the specific dish they plan to bring. So if they sign up for "side dish," they simply enter "deviled eggs." 

We're getting hungry just thinking about potlucks. Be sure to save us some deviled eggs. They're our favorite!

Posted by SignUpGenius