How to Have Fun at Work and be a Stellar Employee

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office funGenerally, the words "fun" and "work" are not two you find side by side. Together they may seem like an oxymoron. Your workplace is where you lay the foundation for your career and develop the skills you need to excel professionally. However, having fun at work can foster relationships with colleagues, make work enjoyable, and it’s also been proven to reduce stress—which can make you more productive. Having fun at work should not feel like work. Here are some tips on how to balance fun with balance sheets while continuing to be a stellar employee.

Lead Your Team to Victory
Whether it’s softball or ultimate Frisbee—sports are a great way to incorporate teamwork principles in a fun competitive environment. Manage a sports league team with colleagues. will allow you to organize everything you need to get your team to the championship!

Happy Hours without Cocktails
After work activities can consist of more than drink specials—plan a bowling night, work on getting discounted group rates at your local theatre, schedule a tour at a museum or stadium. Think different, fun, and professional.

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Good Food, Good Fun
Host lunchtime potlucks for holidays or monthly employee birthday celebrations. Potlucks are a great way to foster community in the office and can be filled with fun conversation and company. is an easy way to coordinate potlucks in the office.

Share a Laugh
Post upbeat, funny, positive quotes, pictures, or comic strips in a common area. You could decide to update them once a week/month or whenever you find something you think will raise other people’s spirits.

Worthwhile Fun
Volunteering after office hours or during the weekends is a great way to spend time doing something you love while enjoying the company of colleagues. You could spend time tending to a local garden, taking children to the zoo, or facilitating activities at a senior citizen home. allows you to seamlessly schedule volunteer opportunities for you and your team.

Whether it be for work or play, organize your office activities easily with SignUpGenius! Plan an outing, office party, sporting event and more. By making it a cinch to sign up, your co-workers finally believe you’re the genius you’ve always known you were. Get started today


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