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Volunteer Spotlight: African Christians Fellowship International

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volunteer award signupgenius african christian fellowship internationalWe’re celebrating National Volunteer Week at SignUpGenius by recognizing some of the hardworking volunteers who power our communities. We reached out to our four partner organizations, and they shared someone who is making a difference in the lives of others.  

Meet our second “genius” volunteer who works with African Christians Fellowship International, a nonprofit that provides education for indigent and orphaned children in Liberia.

Genius Volunteer: Bob Bridges

About Bob: ACFI nominated Bob for “his humanitarian services to the family, church and the social well being of children and the needy."

Bob and his wife, Elizabeth, adopted two boys through ACFI in 2008 and Bob returned on a couple of mission trips to lead teams to help at the mission homes. He set up and oversaw a micro loan program for ACFI church members to enable them to care for their families. He has continued financially supporting ACFI since 2008 and helped them acquire a donated church property in Lancaster, S.C., that ACFI is using as a training facility for missionaries. 

As a thank you to Bob for his selfless service, he will be receiving a $100 gift card. That’s one genius volunteer!


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