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Our goal at SignUpGenius is to help you organize groups and events as simply as possible with our online tools, but we love finding ways to make your experience both useful and fun! That’s why we’re making your sign up experience better (or should we say better looking) than ever. 

SignUpGenius’ newest feature — Profile Pics — will help you put a face with the name, literally. No more wondering what your volunteers look like when they show up for the first time! 

The concept is pretty simple, and you’re probably used to having your image follow you around various websites. From your main sign ups account page, you’ll have a few options for your Profile Pic:

  • Use My Initials
  • Upload a Photo
  • Use My Facebook Image
  • Use My Gravatar Image

If you don’t choose anything, the default will be your initials.  What are you waiting for? Show everyone the bright and smiling face of an organizing genius!

Posted by Erin Dunn

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