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FamilyFun Magazine highlights SignUpGenius

Guess who's talking about SignUpGenius? This month, SignUpGenius was featured in an article in FamilyFun Magazine. The article spotlighted technology that made organizing your sports teams easy. We love the tagline they used too... "Improve your Organizing IQ" is the perfect way to describe SignUpGenius!

Posted by Dan Rutledge

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Posted by Sandie Bailey c-918-381-6933 on Sat Oct 6, 2012 8:46 AM EST
I put my phone number after my last name in my profile and it appears automatically when I sign up. When the administrator signs people up, you can do the same thing. Great not to have to enter it each time.

Posted by Dan Rutledge on Wed Sep 26, 2012 8:04 AM EST
Hi Nicholas. Thanks for writing. You can find answers to a lot of these questions and others on our FAQ page via the help tab. Our 'custom reports' feature lets you view and export the data from your sign up and is found in the navigation on the My Account page. SignUpGenius automatically sends out reminders and you decide when they go out when you setup your sign up. Many people have their members enter the phone number in the comments field for each sign up item. We're just about to release phone-number integration, which will make it even easier. Hope that helps!

Posted by Nicholas Roehl on Wed Sep 26, 2012 12:43 AM EST
How do i get the email addresses of the people who have signed up? Is there a way to download the sign-ups to a spreadsheet? Is there a way to require people to give a phone number when they sign up? Is there a way to make the sign-up genius automatically send a reminder email out?

Posted by Dan Rutledge on Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:46 AM EST
Hi Cindy,

Thanks for writing! If you can contact us through the "help" tab at the top of the page, we'll be happy to assist. Support requests work better that way as we can look up your account and have the privacy to provide specific instructions or information about your account that we wouldn't want to post to a public blog. Thanks!

Posted by Cindy Wines on Thu Sep 13, 2012 6:10 PM EST
How do I send my Dinner and networking invitations? I do not see a send button.

Posted by Dan Rutledge on Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:32 PM EST
Hi Kelly - sorry for the slow reply. If you write our support team via the "help" tab on our site, that's the fastest way to get a response. To sign people up yourself, login as the sign up creator and view your sign up. There's a button at the top of the screen that says "add/edit/delete people" and that let's the sign up creator add people to the sign up. Hope that helps!

Posted by Kelly Shortley on Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:12 PM EST
i already had some verbral sign-ups...how can I list those on sign up before i send out

Posted by Dan Rutledge on Tue Sep 11, 2012 7:29 AM EST
Hi Joanna. Thanks for writing. To edit your group, login and click on "My Groups" in the right hand navigation. Sorry for the slow reply. For the fastest support, use the "help" tab at the top of our site and we'll be sure to assist!

Posted by Joanna Ray on Mon Sep 10, 2012 7:38 PM EST
Does anyone know how I edit 'My Group'? I made a typo!!! Thanks

Posted by Dawn Kohler on Fri Sep 7, 2012 4:54 PM EST
I created one in less than 1/2 hour. It has helped our congregation get more volunteers to help prepare a breakfast for our local rescue mission.

Posted by Logan mcdonald on Wed Sep 5, 2012 10:46 PM EST
I love when there is is sign up. Avible

Posted by Pam French on Fri Aug 31, 2012 5:38 PM EST
So cool! Congratulations! I need some improving on my organizing IQ! It has helped with our football and soccer teams. Thanks!

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