3 Ways Sign Ups Help Coordinate Team Building Activities

When your team is working hard to meet your goals, it can be challenging to make time to connect and get to know each other. But even if you work remotely, team building is a valuable way to encourage collaboration and boost your company culture.  

You'll see the most impact by thinking about a long-term plan, establishing company traditions and planning special events each year. Team events can include virtual happy hours, company picnics and escape room outings, but the possibilities are endless.  

Sign ups simplify organizing and communication for your team building activities so you can enjoy the experience together. 

Connect remote teams with virtual events 

There are many fun ways to bring remote employees together online from trivia contests to guest entertainers (we had a pianist perform Broadway hits at a virtual company holiday party!). You can also incorporate fun activities in regular meetings, such as Kahoot! quizzes and icebreaker questions.  

With a sign up, you can invite your group and track attendees using the RSVP format. Add a video conference link with our Zoom integration, so people can easily join the event. You can send invites to your group as part of the sign up process and share the sign up link in your internal communications channels like newsletters or messaging tools.  

To make your virtual event more engaging, invite participants to wear something fun like a silly hat or themed costume (i.e., ugly Christmas sweater for a holiday party). If you have the budget, send employees a treat to enjoy during the event, such as popcorn or candy. 

Organize memorable in-person events 

Popular team building events like happy hours and lunch outings are good to keep in the rotation, but planning a unique experience can be especially meaningful for your group. Look into options like local cooking classes, adventure experiences like ropes courses or local sports games. Volunteering with a local nonprofit is a great way to connect and make a difference in the community.  

Choose from hundreds of sign up designs to spark excitement for your event or create a custom theme to reflect your brand. You can share the planning responsibilities with our multiple administrator feature, giving you the ability to assign different levels of permission to other team members. You can enable some people to just monitor RSVP's and give others access to make changes to the sign up. When you're ready, share your sign up around the office or on your website with a quick description of the upcoming event and a QR code for people to easily scan!

Ask employees to share ideas for future events and follow up with your team to request feedback after events. This way, you're able to evaluate their success and learn what can be improved for next time. 

Simplify registration for team retreats 

Even if you work together in person, organizing an offsite retreat gives your team the chance to reflect on accomplishments and challenges, set goals and plan for the future. It's easy to coordinate registration for your event with a sign up, creating slots for specific sessions or volunteer roles. You can add custom questions to your sign up to ask for information such as t-shirt sizes or dietary restrictions.  

After employees sign up, share important details about your retreat with custom reminders and confirmation emails. You can set up messages to send automatically and attach waivers or other paperwork to complete. It's always better to save time by simplifying communication with your team and taking care of administrative work in advance.

If your budget or schedule doesn't allow for an offsite retreat, planning a lunch and learn event can give your employees a boost of inspiration.  

There are many ways to make team building part of your company culture no matter the size of your group or budget. Organizing tools like sign ups help you save time so you can join in the fun.  

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