Women in Toys Coordinates Annual Empowerment Day with SignUpGenius

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Much like the Toy Story gang, the women of the toy industry are banding together to form friendships and build each other up. (With a little less imminent danger involved.)

Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment is a global networking organization providing a collaborative, supportive forum for women to foster relationships and career growth.

The group used SignUpGenius to coordinate its annual Empowerment Day, where female entrepreneurs and investors can attend speed mentoring sessions and pitch toy ideas to Walmart and several other companies throughout the day.

“Having the attendees schedule their own time slots has been a live saver,” says Peg Brom, executive administrative assistant and membership coordinator. “We used spreadsheets and sticky notes on a wall last year! Additionally, I have used SignUpGenius to organize and schedule our volunteers for two days (event setup the day before and all day during the event).”

Online sign up software proved valuable to coordinate about 100 attendees, 30 industry experts and 25 volunteers, Brom says.

“It has been absolutely smooth sailing, no confusion, questions, complaints at all from users.”

Brom says that using SignUpGenius helped streamline a process that had previously had her searching through emails and spreadsheets.

“SignUpGenius is the place I go to first to confirm an appointment or time slot,” she says. “This is the final say-so! Rather than wondering if I tracked something on a spreadsheet, or if someone answered my email, etc.”

A few of Brom’s favorite features include the ability to easily edit sign ups, add, edit and delete sign up slots for participants and see the same schedule that recipients see in real time.

“The biggest time-saver is having people schedule themselves,” Brom says. “It cuts down on massive emailing and the chance of losing details in emails. They can see what times are available and what times are already filled … cuts down on questions!”

SignUpGenius is honored to help empower the genius women working in the toy, licensing and entertainment industries! You’ve got a friend in us.

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