3 Ways to Avoid Over-emailing Your Participants

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Picture this: you’re organizing a variety of events with SignUpGenius. Congrats and high five!

But with all those events comes the potential to fill up your audience’s inbox. And odds are those same people are receiving SignUpGenius emails from other organizers, too. How will they notice your pickleball tournament registration in a sea of sign up emails?

Fortunately, we have several solutions to keep communication streamlined and efficient for your group. Here are three easy ways to ensure group members are not overwhelmed with too many emails and can get to your sign ups with ease!


Combine Sign Ups with Tabbing

If you have multiple sign ups for the same audience or event, you can combine those sign ups into one location with selectable tabs with our premium Tabbing feature. This way, one sign up link will lead to the page of grouped sign ups.

school tabbing sign ups

Once you have created a tab group, you can send a single invite message related to multiple sign ups. If a person clicks the link in the invite email, they will see the tabs for your various sign ups. They can select from these tabs to view the sign up opportunities.

If you’d rather send the link from your own email program, you can click the Tools icon located on your main account screen. From there, select the Tabbing icon. You will see the URL (link) for your tabbed group of sign ups. Copy and paste the link into your own email application.

Direct Your Audience to a Page of All Your Active Sign Ups

Did you know that all of your active sign ups are listed on your account index page? When you publish a new sign up, it will appear on the index page. Once all dates on a sign up are in the past, the sign up will automatically be removed from the index page. By directing people to an index page, they can pick and choose the sign up options they need.

sign ups index page

You can embed the link to your index page on your website, share it in a newsletter or send it out from your own email program. To access the index page link, click the Tools icon found on your main account page. Then, select the option Web Button Builder. The following page will provide you with the link to the index page — even if you don’t use the button builder function.

Genius Tip: With our Premium features, you can use our site to send invites with the link to your account index page. Simply go to the Messages tab and when composing your message, you’ll see the option to send a link to the index page.

send sign up index page

If you choose to build a button, you can place it on your organization’s website. The button will direct your audience to all of your active sign ups.

With our web button feature, you no longer have to incur the time and cost of hiring a developer to build a registration application on your site. You can create and sync sign ups directly to your website. With our Enterprise package, you can remove the SignUpGenius branding so that sign ups look like an extension of your own website.

Genius Tip: Try our Back to Website button to create a seamless sign up experience where participants sign up and are then directed back to your website.

Consolidate Sign Up Communications into one Account

Sign up invite emails flying around from multiple organizers can wreak havoc on your organization’s communications. With our Multiple Admin feature, you can grant account access to additional individuals. This way, you can consolidate all the organization’s sign ups into a single account. The main owner of the account can then assign admins to create and manage sign ups.

With multiple admins, all sign ups are created and housed in a single account. You can create outgoing emails that direct your audience to the index page of consolidated sign ups or to a particular group of tabbed sign ups. Plus, with all the organization’s created sign ups in a single account, you no longer have to track down last year’s event sign up.

Genius Tip: Go next level by integrating your sign ups with other applications.

Try some of these easy tips to take charge of sign up communications for your organization.  You’ll be the genius who streamlined event communications and created order from the chaos. Put that on your resume!

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