Expert Tips to Ace School Event Planning

Are you helping to organize events for your school? Sign ups simplify planning for everything on the calendar such as parent conferences, PTA fundraisers, teacher trainings and much more. If you have administrative permission through your school’s account, you can access advanced features to boost your organizing power even more. 

Check out this video of a webinar for school organizers with helpful tips from our sign up experts. You’ll learn how to get (and stay) organized this year with insight on topics including: 

  • Logging in to your account 
  • Creating a conference sign up with the Time Slots tool 
  • Tips for settings and privacy 
  • Sharing your sign up  
  • Creating a report 
  • Our latest feature QR code generator 
With premium features at your fingertips, you can focus on supporting teachers and students and growing your school community! 

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