4 Signs Your Free Sign Up is Costing You Too Much Time


Time is a precious resource, especially when you're managing events, coordinating volunteers, or simply trying to streamline your organizational processes. A free account with SignUpGenius can be a great way to get started, but it might come with hidden costs in terms of time and effort.  

In this blog post, we'll explore four signs that your free SignUpGenius account may be costing you more time than it's worth, and how you can address these challenges to make your life easier with a SignUpGenius premium plan.  

1. Managing sign up start times manually

As your events or projects grow, so does the complexity of managing them. When your sign ups are in high demand or must follow a specific schedule, it can get confusing and time-consuming to manually manage when your sign up opens or closes to participant registrations. This can lead to confusion, errors, and, most importantly, wasted time. 

Solution: Sign Up Start/Stop Dates 

Let SignUpGenius automate your sign up opening and closing times with a premium plan. Starting with the Gold plan, you can use the Start/Stop Dates feature to set the specific date and time you’d like your sign up to open or close to participants. Set it and forget it – SignUpGenius will automatically manage the timing for you, so you never have to worry about watching the clock before you publish your sign up. 

2. Lots of back and forth with your team to update them on sign ups

Effective communication is the key to planning any successful project or event – especially when you have more than two or three people helping. But when you're managing a free sign up, keeping everyone in the loop can be a daunting task. If you find yourself constantly sending emails or messages to update your team on sign ups, it's a sign that your current system may not be efficient. 

Solution: Multiple Administrators 

Consider using the Multiple Administrators feature, available starting with the Gold plan, to give your team access to the main account as sub-admins. Depending on the role permissions you assign each team member, sub-admins can create, edit, manage, and receive notifications for sign ups. This feature allows your team to be more self-sufficient, getting the information they need directly rather than through the account owner.  

3. Manually keeping track of volunteer hours

Volunteer management often involves tracking hours which can quickly become a time-consuming task. If you’re manually adding up volunteer hours on your sign up, you're missing out on a significant time-saving opportunity with a SignUpGenius subscription. 

Solution: Volunteer Hours Reports 

Upgrade to a premium plan to get access to the Volunteer Hours Reports feature. This tool allows you to create a report in just a few clicks that automatically totals each volunteers’ work hours, based on the hours they registered for in the sign up. This feature not only saves you time but also provides accurate data for reporting and recognition. 

4. Constantly sending and re-sending your sign up link

It’s easy to use your free SignUpGenius account to send a sign up invite message, but sharing the link over and over again can get tiring and cumbersome. Even more, it might not always be easy to get participants’ email addresses. If you're spending valuable time manually distributing your sign up link, it's a clear indication that your process needs improvement. 

Solution: QR Code Generator 

Update your sign up invite process with SignUpGenius’ newest feature: QR Code Generator. Starting with the Gold plan, you can generate a unique QR code for each sign up. All participants need to do is scan the code with their smartphone camera, and they'll be directed to the sign up page instantly. You can not only save time, but add an extra layer of convenience for your participants. They can sign up at any time without having to contact you or search for your sign up. 

Your time is valuable, and managing sign ups, volunteers, and events should not be a drain on your resources. If you've noticed any of the signs mentioned in this blog post, it's time to reevaluate your free SignUpGenius account. 

 By upgrading to a SignUpGenius subscription, you can improve your processes, reduce administrative overhead, and focus on what matters most: the success of your events and projects. Don't let your free account cost you more time than it's worth; invest in a subscription that works smarter, not harder! 

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