Genius Hack: Customize Your Sign Up Link

signupgenius customized shortened URL link online sign ups

Want to make it even easier for people to find your sign up? You can! We've raised the sign up game by giving you the ability to create a customized, shortened link.

As a Platinum or Enterprise subscriber, you can customize the name of your sign up URL to match your organization's branding or any title you prefer. A shorter unique link is easier to remember and easier to promote — a true win-win!

Use Custom Sign Up Links to:

  • Create memorable sign up links to include in a printed newsletter or bulletin.
  • Customize links to match your organization's name, branding or purpose.
  • Create links that match the name of your event.
  • Generate a short link that's easy to copy or use when characters are limited.

Creating a Custom Link

Get started by creating your sign up. Once you publish the sign up, you will see the option to generate a custom link or create a short link under the Share tab. 

signupgenius customized shortened URL link online sign ups

When you select the option to create a custom link, you can enter custom text at the end of the URL. Keep in mind that you are limited to 50 characters.

From there, we'll check the availability to make sure the link is unique. For example, if you enter "volunteer" as the final portion of the link, it's possible that this link might already be in use.

Genius Tip: If you create a custom sign up link for a particular sign up, you can link other sign ups with our tabbing feature. This way, your participants can use the memorable link to locate all of the sign ups related to your organization.

signupgenius customized shortened URL link online sign ups tabbing

Generating a Shortened URL

If you select the option to generate a short link, the system will assign and generate a short version of your sign up link.

This can be helpful if you need a link that does not take up much space, such as in a newsletter or on a slideshow. People can easily jot the link down or type it in their phones.

Once you create your custom link or short URL, you are ready to publish and share your sign up. Keep in mind that you can always invite people directly from our site. Use your new link to:

  • Share from your own email program
  • Insert into a newsletter
  • Project in a presentation
  • Post on a bulletin board
It's just that easy! Having a unique link is a true game-changer that you and your group members will love. Give it a whirl today.

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