Collect Money This Year with Online Sign Ups

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Want to simplify your group organizing this year? Look no further than your online sign ups. SignUpGenius’ recently updated online payments system lets you easily collect money from group participants at the same time you’re organizing events and recruiting volunteers.

Collect Money Now

For inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to collect money on your signs ups:


Whether you’re raising money at school, for a nonprofit or to support your group or club, you can rally people to give online — it’s the easy and quick way to ask people to give!

Create an Online Fundraiser

After-School Activities

Anyone running after-school activities or sports can use sign ups to organize students and collect fees at the same time. 

Coordinate After-School Activities

Professional Appointments and Businesses

Give your business a boost this year by offering your products or services and collecting money online — a simple, valuable and efficient decision.

Optimize Your Business

Group Gifts

A group gift is a great way to show appreciation for a teacher, coach or boss. Check out these examples, and get started spreading the love!

Organize a Group Gift

These ideas will get you one step closer to accomplishing your goals this year. Get started collecting money and start giving more, earning more and raising more.