NEW FEATURE: Organize like a Genius with Portal Pages

New! portal pages announcement graphic - part of SignUpGenius Enterprise

Ever wished you could host all your sign ups on one page? Now you can! Enterprise customers can now create Portal Pages, a customized index page that easily directs group members to the right sign ups.

If you manage lots of people and events, you might be able to benefit from the highest level of online sign up power in a SignUpGenius Enterprise plan. With Enterprise, powerful features simplify complex organizing. Plus, the plan can be customized for unique needs.

Portal Pages connect participants to a group of related sign ups through just one link. The page works like a website's home page for sign ups. The sign up organizer can choose the sign ups they want people to view, add sections to the page, such as important files or an email opt-in subscription form, and even customize the URL.

Supercharge Planning with Portal Pages:

  • Display all your upcoming events in one location or create a portal page for a particular event that includes a number of sign ups.
  • Create folders for related sign ups such as interviews, volunteer outings, potlucks, professional development trainings.
  • Highlight the number of available slots for events.
  • Share your page with participants to boost interest and sign ups.
  • Customize the page to appear as a seamless extension of your organization's website.

How To Create a Portal Page

To get started, log in to your account and click the Tools icon on the left side of the page.

Click the Add New Portal Page button and enter a title, URL and choose whether to remove the SignUpGenius branding. Click Create to publish your live portal page (don't worry, you'll be able to polish up the page before anyone views the link). You can adjust the color scheme and upload a banner image to customize the look of your page.

add a portal page screenshot portal name and URL

You can then edit, remove or duplicate each of the sections: Page Banner Image, Description, Sign Ups, Downloadable Files, Contact and Subscribe to Group form. When adding a new section, insert it before or after another existing section to determine what order you want the sections to appear. You can also adjust the section order at any time by clicking the arrow buttons in each section header bar to move them up or down.

Customize Sign Up Display on a Portal Page

The option to display All Active Sign Ups will automatically show all your sign ups, and from there you can specify how they are sorted. Tabbed sign ups will display as a single icon by default.

To further organize how your sign ups appear on the portal page, choose Selected Sign Ups. You can then organize sign ups in folders and also display a single icon for a tab group or highlight individual sign ups in a tabbed layout.

screenshot of adding selected sign ups to portal page

You can further categorize your sign ups by creating separate sections containing sign ups relevant to different departments or categories in your organization.

Share Your Portal Page

Once you've created your portal page, you can copy the URL to share as you wish. You can also go to the Messages area of your account, click on Compose and choose the option Invite people to a sign up. You will see an option to Link to specific portal page(s). Select the appropriate portal pages from the dropdown, and click on OK.

From there, draft your message then click Preview and Send. You'll have the option to send immediately or choose to schedule the email to send at a later date and time.

Opt-In with the Subscribe Form

This allows participants to opt-in to group(s) that you select in order to receive emails or text messages. As usual, they can choose to unsubscribe from a group at any time.

Unlimited Portal Pages for Enterprise

Enterprise customers can create an unlimited number of Portal Pages. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact our Support team.

Portal Pages provide your group with a hub to keep participants updated on the latest events and opportunities. With an Enterprise plan, you'll have more organizing superpower at your fingertips and more time to focus on reaching your goals.

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