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About Our Advertising

Why Am I Seeing Advertisements?

SignUpGenius provides a basic sign up service for free to millions of users worldwide. The development, support, and maintenance of the free version of our site is primarily funded by the advertisements that display on the website or in our emails. For sign up creators that would like to remove advertisements from their sign up pages and the emails they send, we offer premium-level subscriptions. Our paid plans provide a number of enhanced features including the ability for sign up creators to create sign ups and send emails without advertisements. If you are seeing advertisements in an email that was sent to you or on a sign up page, it typically means that the creator of that sign up is using the free version of our site.

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What Kinds of Advertisements Do You Display?

We do our best to provide quality, non-offensive advertisements that will be of topical interest to our users. Advertising that you see on our site comes from one of two sources. First, an advertisement could be from a company that we partnered with directly. Alternately, an advertisement could be provided to us by an advertising network that programmatically fills the ad slot. We utilize several well known advertising networks to automatically fill a high percentage of our advertising inventory. For ads that are provided programmatically, we do attempt to filter out sensitive or controversial categories where possible through our account settings. While we do not manually preview every ad before it is served, we periodically monitor the advertising and block any advertisement that we deem offensive or inappropriate. We are in no way responsible for the content of an advertiser's website if you choose to click on an advertisement.

Do Your Advertisements Collect Data?

Like many web sites, we partner with ad networks that utilize contextual marketing, which is targeted advertising based on user data like web behavior. Ads on our site or in our emails may utilize data collected on other sites. Conversely, data collected on our site or via our emails may impact ads seen on other sites. Information gathered is generally used for geotargeting purposes (showing New York real estate ads to someone in New York, for example) or showing certain ads based on specific sites visited (such as showing cooking ads to someone who frequents cooking sites). For the technical details and opt-out information, please see our privacy policy.