50 Youth Sports Awards Ideas

youth sports awards ideasThe sports season might be almost over, but don't let that stop the fun! Whether you're coaching preschoolers or teen athletes, use these ideas to award some of the best moments of the season and recognize players. 

On the Field

  1. Last to Leave - For the player who's always getting an extra rep at the end of practice or putting that extra effort at the end of games.
  2. Clutch Gene - The player you can count on to score the winning shot on the last possession. They've got ice in their veins!
  3. Keeping it Positive - Someone you can always bet on to have a smile on his or her face. Losing doesn't bring them down because they're always encouraging teammates.
  4. Cheer Master - The player who brings the loudest cheer and best team pride. Remember that time they dyed their hair?!
  5. Celebration Occasion - The must-have award for the player with the best celebration dances. Make this into several different awards based on originality, humor or creativity. Genius Tip: Celebrate the season in style with these 50 ideas for an end-of-season sports party.
  6. Sports Swag - For the player with the best and brightest gear to wear during games. After all, style is part of a game's success.

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  1. Most Improved - The player who has shown the most growth this season. If you keep track of stats from season to season, pull some out as examples during your awards ceremony!
  2. In It to Win It - The player who always believes the team will win despite any nail-biter endings.
  3. Speed Limit - The fastest player on the team. You can always count on this player to outsprint any other teammate or win in a mile-long race.
  4. Distraction Detour - The player who's never distracted by outside noise. He or she is always concentrated on the game and the game alone.
  5. Coach Jr. - For the player who offers advice to help teammates. They are keen to the game and always find areas for improvement.
  6. Rookie of the Year - For one of the newest players on the team that has made the biggest impact. Give some highlights of how they made a difference this season.
  7. Top 10 - For the player involved with the most important plays all season long. This can range from a spectacular showing of athleticism or supreme act of sportsmanship.
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  1. Helping Hand - For the player who's always first to help you up if you fall down. Whether they're five feet away or across the field, this player will always run to you and help you back on your feet.
  2. High Energy - For the player who always has the most energy. Though physical energy can be a majority criteria, this award can also be for a teammate with high mental energy.
  3. Love of the Game - For the player who ultimately shows the most love for the game. The player who leaves it all out on the field every game and shows unmoving respect to the sport.
  4. Listen Master - This player is a good friend and a great listener. You can trust this player to hear your frustrations and troubles during a game or off the field.
  5. Drink Up - For the player who always drinks the most water. This player is always first to the water table and frequently returns to refuel.
  6. Best Hair - For the player with the most stylish locks. Running down the field shows the best of this player's mesmerizing hair.

Off the Field

  1. DJ Master - The player with the best playlists and song references on away trips and bus outings.
  2. Food for Thought - The player who always carries the best snacks and is always willing to share. The player who dishes out, literally.
  3. Comic Relief - A must have. For the player who always provides comic relief to the team when teammates feel down or stressed. This player always has a quick joke and a bright smile.
  4. What's Next? - For the player who always wants to grab food after the game. They are always ready for some munchies after a tiring game.
  5. High Five Master - For the player who plans and memorizes the best handshakes and high fives with different teammates.
  6. Keep Track - For the player who always leaves something at the hotel during an away game. Whether it's a toothbrush, comb or blanket, this player always forgets something he or she brought. Genius Tip: Try these 40 travel tips for youth sports families.
  7. Sleeper - For the player who's always napping. Whether on the bus or in the hotel lobby, you can always find this player catching some Z's.
  8. Humble Bee - This player always credits success to the team or another teammate. They are always humble and points to the team before themselves.

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  1. Truck No More - The player with a specific instance of a fantastic trucking move or the best overall ability to run through opponents.
  2. Catch Me if You Can - The player with the most sure hands. They rarely drop a catch, and if they do, they know it's on them.
  3. The Invincible - The player who can miraculously evade defenders, even when there are more than two of them.
  4. Toe Tap - For the player with the best on-field awareness of the sideline. They will always make plays in-bound, even if it requires the coveted toe-tap.
  5. Dr. Juggernaut - The best all-around defensive player — always involved with important stops on fourth downs or turnovers.


  1. Dr. Dribble - The player with the best dribble packages. Fancy, fast or flashy, this player should earn a spot on 2K basketball games.
  2. Three Point Barrage - The player who's a dead eye at three pointers. The next Steph Curry who will break all future NBA records.
  3. Windshield Swiper - The player with the best ability to steal the ball. Whether it's pure athleticism or on-court intelligence, this player is sure to cause more than a few turnovers.
  4. Not in My House - The dominant player. No one tries to take a layup on them (or it's blocked out of the court). This player is a block master.
  5. Pregame Tradition - For the player with the most unique pregame tradition. Chalk up? Practice dunk? We'll let you decide which is the most original.

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  1. Out of the Park - Who's got the strongest swing? Award the player with the most homeruns this season or the farthest homerun.
  2. Sneaker Stealer - The player with the most successful steals or most attempts.
  3. Lay it all Out - For the player who performed the best highlight-reel catch all season long. This could range from a lay-it-all-out dive to a game-clinching catch to win the championship game.
  4. Arm Wrestle - For the player with the strongest arm. Someone who can throw the farthest distance or at the fastest speed, this player is a must have on every team.
  5. Dive Master - The player with the most graceful dive into base. Head first? Leg out? This player has the best technique for an effective dive.


  1. Golden Leg - To the player with the strongest kick on the team. This player has a cannon for a leg, and he or she is sure to kick some sure-fire heat at opponent goals.
  2. Ball Handler - For the player with best ability to control the ball. Mirroring their best Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, this player rarely turns the ball over.
  3. Trick Master - For the player with a special trick always up her sleeve. It can range from a unique curve-style kick to a roundhouse kick that can wow any fan.
  4. Marathon Miler - For the player who never tires — even though soccer games are notoriously long. You wish everyone on the team had this energy!

Track/Cross Country/Running Clubs

  1. Celebration Lap - For the player with the best celebration dance after crossing the finish line. This player always provides an authentic dance or move to celebrate a win.
  2. Don't Count Me Out - For the player who overcame a significant margin during an event and came back to win it all.
  3. Multi-Athlete Dimension - For the player who excelled at multiple events in track and field. This player is extremely athletic and can compete in various running lengths.
  4. Practice Stamina - For the runner who can seemingly go for miles on end. This athlete runs for miles during practice and still seems to have the energy to run for more.
All of your young athletes bring unique talents to the sport. Celebrate by recognizing those strengths and how they contribute to a successful team! 

Kyle Eng is a college student who loves spending time with his family, playing music and watching his Carolina Tar Heels — and Tom Brady — win.