20 Minute to Win It Business Party Games

minute to win it business party games With just a few materials and a stopwatch, your corporate party can be far from boring. Let your employees have some fun by playing these appropriate but hilarious minute to win it games! 

  1. Card Ninja - This one is perfect for the annual office barbecue. Cut a watermelon in half and take turns throwing cards at the halves to see who can get the most to stick in one minute.
  2. Cookie Face - Whoever doesn't want to play this game can be a cheerleader! Place an Oreo cookie on the players' foreheads, and see who can get the cookie down to their mouth and eat it without using their hands the fastest.
  3. Scoop It - Players must transport as many ping pong balls as they can from one bowl to another. The twist? They have to use a plastic spoon — in their mouth — to do it!
  4. Balloon Bounce - Each player has one hand but two balloons to keep in the air for a minute. See who can hold their balloons up the longest.
  5. Sticky Situation - Throw ping pong balls and try to get them to stick to a piece of bread covered in peanut butter on the other side of the room. This game might let you know who to start on your office softball team.

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  1. Penny Stack - See who can stack the most pennies on top of each other — using only one hand — without them falling over!
  2. Bubble Tamer - Hang a hula hoop in the air. Have players stand about five feet away and blow some bubbles; whoever can blow a bubble through the hoop without it popping wins!
  1. Pretty Windy - Line up two lines of Solo cups on the edges of two tables. Then, have your coworkers go head to head, blowing up a balloon and using the air inside it to knock over more cups than their challengers.
  2. Ringing Bells - Fill shoeboxes with one, two, three, four or five bells. Then, have your coworkers shake each box and see if they put the boxes in the correct order from least to the highest number of bells.
  3. Candy Straw - Each player has one empty plate and one full of candy. Using just their mouth, a straw and no hands, they have to transport all of the candy to the other plate before time runs out.

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  1. Speed Eraser - Set up a row of empty glasses and then try to bounce pencils off the eraser end and into the cup. Maybe you'll see who has been goofing off with their office supplies.
  2. Blindfolded Bowling - Using empty plastic water bottles as makeshift pins, blindfold players and see how many times they have to roll a Wiffle ball at the empty water bottles to strike.
  3. Cup Stack - See how fast competitors can create a tower out of 36 red solo cups without the stack falling over before they finish.
  4. Sticky Table - Place double-sided tape on the edge of a table, and have your colleagues roll marbles across the table to try and stick them on the double-sided tape. The most stuck in a minute wins the race.
  5. Apple Stack - See which coworkers can stack five apples on top of one another without the stack falling over. This one seems easy but is pretty tricky!

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  1. Target Practice - Each player must roll up a piece of paper. Then, they must use a makeshift straw to blow mini marshmallows across a table and into a bowl.
  2. Roll with It - Each player must try to use ROLO candy to knock cups off the edge of a table. Whoever knocks off the most cups gets to eat the candy.
  3. Feeling Bookish - Move desk chairs and furniture to turn your office into an obstacle course, and see who can get through it the fastest — while balancing a book on their head.
  4. Cereal Race - Place a bunch of cereal in a bowl and give everyone a pair of chopsticks; whoever can use the chopsticks to move the most pieces of cereal to a cup in front of them wins!
  5. Candy Toss - Pair coworkers up and give one a cup and one some candy. Working together, one has to toss the candy into the other's cup!
Try one of these games at your next office party for a team-building event no one will forget! 

Kayla Rutledge is a college student who spends most of her time writing, singing for her church and eating quesadillas. 

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