25 Minute to Win It Party Games for Teens

minute to win it teens party games teens fun activities high school clubsWhether teens are hanging out with friends or spending time with family, they always love a good laugh. Gather a few simple items and have a stopwatch handy to create some fun memories with these minute to win it party games. 

  1. Name Game - Split into pairs. Pick a letter and alternate saying names or words that start with that same letter. The player to hesitate first within the minute loses. This could also be played by going from A-Z instead of the same letter. Make it harder by picking a category such as foods, Disney movies or zoo animals.
  2. Blind Food Guessing - One person is blindfolded and others each pick a food item for him to taste and guess without seeing it. The player who guesses the most items right in a minute is the winner. Keep food allergies in mind!
  3. Stone Face - Have two players face each other. The goal of the game is to keep a straight face while looking at your partner — no laughing or smiling. To raise the stakes, the first one to smile gets a plate of whipped cream smashed in her face!
  4. Name that Song - Divide into teams. Play a variety of songs, and the first team to guess the correct song title wins a point. This could also be played by guessing the correct artist of the song.
  5. T-shirts Party - Divide the group into teams. Have each team designate one person to wear the T-shirts. The rest of the team will try and help the designated person put on as many T-shirts as possible in one minute. The team with the person wearing the most when the time is up wins!
  6. Blind Portraits - Divide into pairs and have each pair sit facing each other. Each person will need a piece of paper and a writing utensil. Without looking at the paper, each person will have one minute to draw the best portrait of her partner. The person's drawing that most accurately represents their partner wins!
  7. Topic Songs - Each person will need a writing utensil and paper. Choose a topic and have the group individually write down as many names of songs that are about that topic. Whoever has the most at the end of one minute wins!

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  1. Chubby Bunny - See how many marshmallows contestants can fit in their mouths while still being able to say the words "chubby bunny." Whoever can fit the most in a minute and still talk wins!
  2. Guess Who - Pick some movie characters or celebrities and write cards with facts about them. Someone reads the facts on each card while two players face off to guess the mystery person as quickly as they can. Whoever figures out the most people in a minute wins.
  3. Candy Hands - Each person will have pieces of candy in front of them. The goal of the game is to unwrap as many pieces of candy as possible with one of your hands behind your back. Whoever has the most unwrapped pieces when time is up wins!
  4. Balloon Toss - Nothing beats classic fun with water balloons when the weather is hot! Fill up balloons with water and place the finished water balloons in a bucket. Split into pairs and give each pair one balloon. Have the pairs toss the water balloon back and forth with each person taking a step back every time, widening the gap between partners. The pair that has gone the farthest in one minute while keeping the balloon intact wins!
  5. Finish the Line - Pick different quotes from speeches, movies, songs or books. Cross a part of the quote out and then read them aloud. Whoever fills in the most quotes correctly in the minute wins! For a tiebreaker, ask who said the quote or where or when it was said.
  6. Don't Touch the Ground - Each player receives four balloons. The winner must use agility and coordination to keep all the balloons in the air for a minute. Easy, you say? Take a crack at it.
  7. Go Team - Pick a sport and have people write down as many teams/cities as they can in one minute. Alternatively, you could pick a city/state and ask for all the teams no matter the sport from that location. Whoever has the most correct answers in one minute wins. 
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  1. Water Bottle Flip - Have players take a water bottle and ask them to flip it on the table in front of them. Whoever's water bottle flips and lands perfectly the most times in one minute wins!
  2. Organization is Key - In this game, participants will have an even number of M&M's or Skittles and a cup for each color. Using only one hand, the person who separates the most candy by color in one minute wins.
  3. Ka-Broom - All you need for this game is a marshmallow, a plastic plate, a cup and a broom. Place the plate on the end of a table with the marshmallow on the part that is resting on the table. After starting the timer, drop the pole of the broom on the plate and try to catch the marshmallow with your cup when it is launched into the air. Keep re-doing until the timer ends. Whoever collects the most marshmallows in a minute is the reigning champ!
  4. Toilet Paper Mummy - Contestants have a minute to wrap their partners in as much toilet paper as possible. The more toilet paper, the more magnificent the mummy. The duo that creates the best mummy wins.
  5. Runny Nose - Players get into groups of two and each have a box of tissues. The pairs line up across from each other and prepare to start pulling out tissues. Once the timer begins, it's an all-out race to see which duo can pull out all the tissues from the box first! 

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  1. Cookie Crumble - Participants start with a box of cookies and place one on their forehead. The goal is to get the cookie into their mouth, and players have one minute to get as many cookies from their forehead to their mouth. Sounds easy enough, right? Oh, one more thing - contestants are not allowed to use their hands, so use those face muscles!
  2. Balloon Blower - Make sure to have a balloon and cups to successfully play this high-intensity game. The contestants will place the cups along the edge of a table and stand on the opposite side. Players will blow up the balloon and try to blow off the cups by releasing the air. The winner is the first person to knock off all of their cups or the person who knocks off the most cups in under a minute!
  3. Speed Eraser - Contestants have a cup and a pencil, and the goal is to bounce as many pencils in the cup in a minute. Pro tip: It's easier to bounce the pencil on the eraser side than the pointy side.
  4. Nose Dive - For this game, participants need cotton balls, bowls and petroleum jelly. Place the cotton balls in a bowl at one end of the room and an empty bowl at the other end. Once the timer starts, the players will dip their noses in the petroleum jelly and then into the bowl of cotton balls. The person who moves the most cotton balls to the empty bowl by sticking them to their nose wins!
  5. Stack Attack - Players have a minute to stack 36 cups in a pyramid, take them down in a diagonal fashion, and then reverse stack them back to the starting position (stacked all together). If the pyramid tower falls at any point, they must start over. Whoever completes this first wins!
  6. A Quarter Stuck in Teeth - The goal of this game is to get a quarter caught in the teeth of a fork. Participants will place a fork upside down on the end of a table, with the teeth facing them. When the timer starts, contestants will have a minute to try and roll a quarter across the table and into the teeth of a fork. The farther the distance, the harder it is!
Your group will be rolling with laughter with these fun games. Pick several for a Minute to Win It Olympics if you're really up for a challenge!

Grace Works and Celine Ives are college students and love a good party game.

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