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tickets for fundraiser64. Play It Again Auction 
Collect old sports equipment and auction it off. 

65. Poker Tournament 
Host a poker night and donate the proceeds. 

66. Professional Photography Sessions 
Arrange for a professional photographer to take family and individual portraits. Book time slots for interested parties and your organization earns a commission. 

67. Pumpkin Carving Contest 
Around Halloween, hold a pumpkin-carving contest. Award prizes to the top design, best pumpkin by an under age 16 carver, most humorous, etc. 

68. Get Social 
Plan a social media challenge. Pick a challenge idea, theme and a hashtag, then recruit a group of motivated and passionate social media gurus to get this one going. Will yours be the next viral sensation? 

69. Read-a-Thon 
Charge admission to an evening of great stories, jokes, and tall tales. You may even plan this close to Read Across America day

70. Rent-an-Athlete or Rent-a-Student 
Your organization can offer to rent-an-athlete or rent-a-student to mow their lawns, do yard work, or walk their dogs for a given amount of time. This is a 100% profit fundraiser.  

71. Reserved Parking 
Throw a prime parking space auction. Everyone wants to park closer to work and school.  

72. Restaurant Night Out 
Host a night out at a local restaurant that is willing to donate a portion of their profits from the members of your organization who come in for dinner.  

73. Rock-a-Thon 
Who doesn’t love to rock in a rocking chair? Have contestants collect pledges for every hour they can rock.  

74. Rooftop Dinner 
Change up the location of a fundraising dinner by hosting it on a rooftop. Diners can enjoy being outdoors and taking in a different view. 

75. Rubber Wristbands 
Sell thin silicone bracelets with your organization’s name, logo or motto. It will help raise funds and awareness. 

76. Salsa Dancing 
Organize a fun evening out. Collect admission at the door and sell refreshments to satisfy those dancing souls. 

77. Sand Castle Building Contest 
Teams pay an entry fee to compete in a variety of categories. Award prizes such as the tallest, most artistic, best in age category, etc. 

78. Shave Your Head 
Participants who are willing to have their head shaved for charity can ask friends and family to sponsor them. At a given time and place, invite everyone to watch. 

79. Shoot-a-thon 
Kids and adults collect sponsors for every basket made, free throws or slam-dunks. 

80. Signature Chefs 
Solicit chefs to donate their time and cook at a given location for a party. Charge admission. 

81. Sled-a-thon 
Obtain pledges for each trip down a big hill at a local park. Promote it as a family event and coordinate a potluck lunch afterwards. 

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82. Snow Sculpture Contest 
Throw a snow sculpture contest. Charge admission and award prizes. 

83. Soup & Sandwich Luncheon 
Try to get all the soup and sandwiches donated by grocery stores, employees or members of your group to reduce costs and raise the profits. Charge a flat price for lunch. 

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84. Spaghetti Dinner 
Reach out to local grocery stores for donations to reduce cost. Recruit volunteers to cook and serve the food. Sell tickets in advance. 

85. Spare Change 
Whatever big fundraiser you are doing, put out a jar for donations of spare change. Decorate it with quotes, pictures, and anything to attract someone’s attention. 

86. Spud Night 
Everyone loves a good potato. Find the biggest potatoes and create a grand potato bar with all the fixin’s.  

87. Stair Climb 
Choose a building or stadium with lots of stairs. Participants then collect pledges in support of their climb to benefit their organization. 

88. Stargazing Bonfire 
Build a bonfire and hand out constellation maps. Sell s’mores and hot chocolate. 

89. Tie Dye Party 
Host a get-together with materials for people to make their own tie-dye shirts and charge an entrance fee. Ask a local company to donate t-shirts, or offer them at wholesale prices. 

90. Treasure Hunt 
Create a treasure hunt and challenge participants to find hidden items. Pay to play and give out awards. 

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91. Trike-a-Thon 
Kids get donations per lap they ride on their tricycles or collect flat donations. Have a photographer come and snap pictures that can be sold afterwards. 

92. Tug of War 
Sign up teams to compete in a tug of war competition for your next fundraiser. Each team pays an entry fee to win prizes. 

93. Volleyball Tournament 
Get teams to pay to enter and local businesses to donate prizes in exchange for advertisements. Hire a food truck and ice cream truck. 

94. Lucky Duck 
Sell rubber duckies and number the bottom of each. Set them afloat in a swimming pool and pick various winning ducks to win prizes. 

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95. Pet to Work Day 
If your company will allow for it, buy in for the opportunity to bring your pet to work day. 

96. Wine Tasting 
Host an evening of fine wines and appetizers. Charge a ticket price. 

97. Yoga-a-thon 
Participants raise pledges for how many minutes they can compete or how many poses they can perform for a good cause. Hold at a local park and serve (healthy) concessions. 

98. Zany Dress Day 
Charge a fee and participants wear a zany costume. Award prizes. 

99. 5K Walk 
A walk-a-thon is an easy athletic event where a broad range of people can join in. Collect pledges to participate, sell refreshments, and give the top fundraiser a prize. 

100. 50-50 Raffle 
No prizes are raffled off, only cash. The winner wins half of the proceeds brought in from ticket sales. 

Selecting the right fundraiser for your group will make all the difference. Whenever possible, choose more than one and mix them up from one year to the next. Best wishes for money-making SUCCESS!

Sara Kendall is a freelance writer and mom of two daughters.