Fall Upgrades
& Features!

Your Most Requested Features... NOW AVAILABLE!

Using online sign ups for volunteer and event management just got easier! Check out SignUpGenius' new 2015 fall features and upgrades.

Easily set sign up restrictions to prevent people from signing up for more items than you'd like.
Limit quantities per participant or per slot.

Quantity Limits
for Pro Users


Our new "Export Wizard" allows you to export your groups to a .csv file. Include names, email addresses and more!

Group Export

new features

Now you can print a fully customizable copy of your sign up. Perfect for check-ins, last minute sign ups and more!

Print Version

Plus... A Whole New Look!

show sign ups I've created
Created Tab
Active and unpublished sign ups are shown here. You can also show past sign ups from the Settings icon.

Items I Signed Up For plus Sign Ups I've Been Invited To
Invited To Tab
See sign ups you've been invited to here. Display past sign ups you were invited to from the Settings icon.

Shows all your favorite sign ups
Favorites Tab
Allows you to show important sign ups together in one spot for an easy-to-view display.

monthly color coded page of all your sign ups with the approriate dates and times
Calendar Tab
See dates for sign ups you've been invited to and created in a calendar display format.

search all your sign ups with ease
Search Tool
Quickly find any sign up in this tab with an easy key word search.

Under settings, check and Display Unpublished and Past sign ups
Create custom settings for displaying and sorting your sign ups. Save preferences for sit time.

transfer and duplicate signups are now at your finger tips!
Transfer & Duplicate
Easily transfer sign ups to another SignUpGenius account or duplicate a sign up.

at the click of a button, edit sign ups, check stats, and make favorites
Sign Up Tools
Make edits, view stats, and "favorite" important sign ups from this convenient tool bar.

More Tools icon allows you to Duplicate, Transfer, Delete and Archive Sign Ups at any time.
More Tools
This handy dropdown allows you to quickly duplicate, transfer, delete and archive sign ups.

volunteer management sofware website event planning
Archived & Delete Button
Conveniently access archived and recently deleted sign ups in our back up system.

Easily Organize All Your Sign Ups

Since everyone is breaking out new school clothes for the fall, we wanted to dress up our look as well. That's why we've overhauled the main account dashboard that shows your sign ups. The all-new view provides a much better way to organize large numbers of sign ups, and sign up creators can quickly search their sign ups, sort them in various ways and even flag some sign ups as favorites. Your settings will automatically save, so the next time you come back to the site you'll see everything just as you left it. Call it your "Sign Up Closet Makeover!"


New Upgrades for Pro Users

We've got a back-to-school gift for our SignUpGenius Pro users! We've recently made changes to our Pro levels to provide more features at each subscription level without raising the price. Check out your new Pro Level Perks!


Increased Custom Images Capacity
We're expanding the number of custom images Pro users can store in their accounts. Silver members can now have 25 images, Gold members can have 50 and Platinum users can store up to 250!


Added No-Ads Licenses
We've added more No-Ads licenses to each level of Pro. Silver members now have five licenses, Gold members have 15 and Platinum members now have unlimited No-Ads on all the sign ups in their account!

Quantity Limits for Users
The "Quantity Limits" feature allows you to put restrictions on a sign up so your participants are prevented from signing up for more items than you would like. Now you can restrict your participants to a maximum quantity across your entire sign up page or limit sign ups for a particular slot.

Additional Features You'll Love

time zones

Creators and participants can set their preferred time zone for all their sign ups, and creators can adjust the time zone setting for any individual sign up!

Time Zone

mobile upgrades. contacts coming soon

Our mobile site now offers easier on-the-go sign up editing as well as expert-level event planning resources.

Big Mobile

international date format. three different options to choose from

Now sign up creators around the globe can choose from three different date formats:
dd/mm/yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy or

Date Formats

enhanced email template and promotional tools

Our new email design features a prominent button that links to your sign up, making it quick and simple for users to view and respond.

Enhanced Email

phenomenal user experience - UX

Our sign up creation process is easier than ever, offering advanced options and examples at every step.

Easier Interface
for Advanced Settings

Expanded server architecture offers better service

A recent site upgrade will provide the high-powered speed and reliability that you need to create more signs ups this fall!

Expanded Server

And Coming Soon... A high-powered mobile contact tool
and a brand new calendar view for sign ups!