25 Baby Shower Games

baby shower, games, activities, questionsAn entertaining game is a great way for guests to interact and feel a part of the festivities. Your baby shower is sure to please both the mom-to-be and your guests by playing some of these 25 fun games. Let's get your party started!  

  1. Baby Music Mix - Put together a playlist with songs that have "baby" in the title, such as "Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears, "Can't Get Enough of Your Love Baby" by Barry White, "I Got You Babe" by Sonny & Cher and "Baby Boy" by Beyoncé. Play a snippet and let everyone guess the title and artist from each track. Whoever gets the most right is the winner.
  2. Animal Gestation Period - See who can guess the length of different animals' gestation periods. You can use a free printable version or make your own list after researching online. Your guests will be thankful that humans don't have the same gestation period as elephants (22 months) after playing this interesting game.
  3. Baby Bucket List - You will need a beautiful bucket, a set of notecards and pens. Ask guests to brainstorm and write down one thing the new parents need to do in their baby's first year. Encourage your guests to think about fun outings, giving pieces of advice and ways to stay sane. Gather the notecards and place in bucket to give to mom-to-be before her departure.
  4. Baby Changing Contest - Divide guests into teams. Each team gets a life-sized baby doll, two diapers and a blindfold. The first blindfolded player removes the current diaper and puts on a new diaper. Then, this player passes the blindfold, doll and diapers to the next player. The game continues until the entire team is finished. The first team to finish wins.
  5. Baby in an Ice Cube - For this game, you will need to purchase small plastic baby dolls from a party store. The night before, freeze the dolls inside sections of an ice cube tray so that each cube has one in it. After the arrival of the last guest, everyone gets one frozen ice cube baby in a drink. When the ice cube has melted, encourage the guest to yell my water broke. The first one to call out wins the game.

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  1. Advice Book - There are moments a new mom could use some words of wisdom. Have guests write their advice on decorative notecards or pieces of paper. Place them in pretty envelopes wrap in a bow or arrange envelopes in a notebook for the mom-to-be to read as she takes this exciting step in her life.
  2. Childhood Flashback - Gather up funny, embarrassing and sweet facts about the parents-to-be from their family members, such as what they wanted to be when they grew up, any injuries like a broken arm or stitches and first date facts. The game here is to have the guests decide if the story is true for mom or dad.
  3. Diaper Messages - It's a great game to start early while your guests are arriving. Have guests write funny or heartfelt messages on a bunch of diapers with colored markers. This gift will help make the new mom's endless diaper changing a bit easier to bear when reading everyone's heartfelt or funny messages.
  4. Diaper Raffle - A newborn goes through about 70 diapers per week. That adds up! Include a note with your invitation, telling your guests that there will be a raffle. With every package of diapers a guest brings, they will receive a raffle ticket. Whip up a fun prize to raffle off.
  5. Play Dough Babies - Your guests can get creative with their sculpting skills by making play dough babies. Give out prizes for categories such as most realistic, creepiest and funniest.
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  1. Don't Say Baby - As you greet each guest, give each a diaper pin to wear somewhere on their clothes. Once all of your guests have arrived, tell everyone that they can't say baby until the end of the party or until it's time to open gifts. If anyone hears someone else say baby, then he or she collects the rule breaker's pin. At the end of the game, the person with the most pins wins. For even more of a challenge, add more words to the "do not say" list each 15 minutes.
  2. Drink Up Baby - Fill baby bottles with your drink of choice. Have guests race to suck them down. The winner is the one who finishes first. Avoid choosing alcoholic beverages for this game.
  3. Guess the Baby Items - Place 10 common baby essentials inside a diaper bag such as a bib, teething ring, rattle and diaper. Give each partygoer a pen and paper. Without looking, each person puts a hand inside the bag to identify as many items as they can by touch. After everyone has a turn, the person who has the most correct answers is the winner and the parents-to-be get the diaper bag filled with everyday baby items.
  4. How Many Baby Items Can You Name - Give a pen and paper to each guest. Have guests write down all the baby items they can think of in two minutes. Set the timer, and the one with the most complete list wins.
  5. Just Ask Mama - A fun twist turns this into a hilarious party game. Pass out note cards and pens to the guests. Ask each to write down a question a new mama would have like, "What's the best way to burp my newborn?" or "Should I swaddle?" Instruct everyone to pass their card to the guest on their left and write down the answer to their original question. Take turns reading the question and answer out loud for lots of laughs.

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  1. Measure Mom's Belly - A measuring tape is not needed for this game, just yarn and scissors. Have guests cut a piece of yarn the length they think is the circumference of the mom-to-be belly. It might be the only time it's OK to comment on a woman's growing waistline.
  2. TV Show Families - Write down a list of names of characters from different television families like The Brady Bunch, The Simpson and Modern Family. Call out a name for everyone to guess the correct show.
  3. Memorable Onesies - Get your guests crafty with this great practical idea. Buy onesies in multiple sizes to give to each guest. Tuck a piece of cardboard or brown paper bag inside the onesies to avoid paint seeping through the backside. Pass out fabric paint and unleash the creative side.
  4. Name the Baby Animal - Write down a list of animals and see who can guess the terms used for their young like joey for kangaroo and calf for giraffe.
  5. Name the Baby Food - Gather up a few different flavored baby foods, remove the labels and have guests perform a taste test. Whoever guesses the most correctly wins the game.
  6. Perfect Timing - As the mom-to-be is opening gifts, set a timer for five or seven minutes. Whoever's gift she's opening when the timer goes off wins a prize. Start the timer and keep it going until all the presents are opened.
  7. Place the Pacifier in the Baby's Mouth - You will need a picture of a baby to post on a wall, a picture of a pacifier for each guest, tape, and a blindfold. Blindfold a guest, spin three times, and have them put their pacifier as close to the baby's mouth as possible. Whoever is the closest is the winner.
  8. The Price is Right - Newborns need a lot of stuff. See who is best at guessing the cost of common baby items such as pacifiers, burp cloths and a package of diapers. The one who has the closest answers is crowned the winner.
  9. Who's the Baby - With each invite, include a note asking every guest to bring one of his or her baby photographs. Upon arrival, collect photos and assign a number to each photo before displaying them. Hand out a pen and paper to each guest, so they can write down their guesses. The guest with the most matches wins the game.
  10. Word Mashup - Search online for a newborn baby-themed word scramble. Print out enough for every guest to play. It's an easy icebreaker to get the party started.
Celebrating a new baby is a special time. These ideas will give mom memories for years to come — and some tools to help her down the path. 

Sara Kendall is a freelance writer and mom of two daughters.