30 Inexpensive Valentine's Ideas

Valentine's Day Ideas inexpensive creative I love you It doesn't have to be close to Valentine's Day to adore this list of creative ways to say, "I love you!" Any time of year is a good time to let your kids, spouse and parents know you think they're pretty awesome. What's even better is that you won't have to break the bank on these frugal tips.

1. Get heart-shaped baking tins and make chocolate chip muffins for them.
2. Hide notes around their bedrooms while they're at school, detailing all the many things you love about them.
3. One night right as they go to bed, surprise them with a trip to get an ice cream cone in their pjs.
4. Buy a plate that says "I Love You" around Valentine's Day and surprise a different child with their meal on it once a week.
5. For those kids who have phones, text something you love about them every so often.
6. Play one of their favorite video games with them.
7. Surprise them with a special note and treat in their school lunches.
8. Take them to the store to pick out a board game and go to a coffee shop together to play it.
9. Record their favorite TV show and watch it together.
10. If your kids are in elementary school, show up unexpectedly one day to have lunch with them.

Your Special Guy
11. Pack a lunch for him to take to work with all his favorite foods.
12. Write an "I Love You" sign and take a photo of yourself holding it in several unique spots. Make a collage of the photos for him.
13. Hire a handyman for an afternoon to knock out some of the items on that Honey Do List he's always trying to get to.
14. Fill up a large jar with little slips of paper noting reasons why you love him and leave it on his desk at work.
15. Buy two tickets to one of his favorite sports team's games and go with him to watch it.
16.Spell out "I Love You" with rose petals somewhere where only he will see it.
17. Leave a love note for him on the windshield of his car while he's at work.
18. Text him a picture of you in a new negligee one evening when he has to work late to let him know what's waiting for him at home.
19. Choose one of the responsibilities around the house that he usually takes care of and do it for him.
20. Brag about him at the dinner table in front of your kids.

21. Set one day a week when you call just to check in and remind them you love them.
22. Send a card via snail mail to thank them for something they did while you were growing up.
23. Take them out to lunch…your treat.
24. Every couple of months, post photos of your family online where your parents can access them.
25. Pay attention for one thing that is hard for them to do and offer to do it for them once in awhile.
26. No matter how old you are, every time you leave their home, give them a hug and kiss and tell them that you love them.
27. Ask them to tell you stories about life when they were a kid or when you were a kid and then really listen to them.
28. Invite them over for an evening and help your kids make a menu and cook the dinner. If the kids have time to create a little special entertainment in the form of a song or dance, even better.
29. Ask them to join you for a family vacation.
30. Make a top ten list of the things you are most thankful for about them and read it to them out loud.