100 Things to Be Thankful for in Life

This is the perfect time of year to stop and take a moment to appreciate all the wonderful things happening around you. Of course, each day has its challenges, but there are many small things to take joy in each and every day.

Learning to practice gratitude can make a huge change to your mental well-being. Start each morning by listing three things that you’re thankful for and reflect on them throughout the day. This can put you in a better mood and give you the mental fortitude to tackle whatever obstacles you face.

Get some inspiration from this list or start making your own to remind you of opportunities to be grateful throughout your day!

  1. A pet cuddled up in your lap
  2. The smell of fresh coffee
  3. Your favorite jeans
  4. A warm fire crackling in the fireplace
  5. A beautiful view
  6. Having plenty of gas in your car
  7. Starting a new book
  8. Catching up with a friend
  9. The scent of a Christmas tree
  10. A beautiful bird outside your window
  11. A hug from your child
  12. Walking in a beautiful garden or park
  13. Your favorite warm drink
  14. Hearing the theme song for a show from childhood
  15. Sun coming through a window
  16. Curling up in your bed at night
  17. A kiss from your sweetheart
  18. Changing seasons
  19. The sound of waves
  20. A freshly organized drawer
  21. The smell of peppermint
  22. Reading a book to a child
  23. Starting a new season of your favorite show
  24. Sharing an inside joke with friends
  25. Cheering on your favorite team
  26. A warm and cozy blanket
  27. Fresh berries
  28. Warm soup during the winter
  29. The feeling of accomplishment after a workout
  30. The color of the sky on a clear day
  31. Listening to the rain
  32. Cookies fresh out of the oven
  33. The feeling after helping a stranger
  34. Staying warm inside your car while it rains
  35. The first snow of the season
  36. A cat’s purr
  37. Thinking about your first love
  38. Dressing up in a new outfit
  39. Walking on the beach
  40. A cool breeze on a hot day
  41. Running into a friend when running errands
  42. Finding a note from somebody you love
  43. Looking at photos from the past
  44. Exploring a library
  45. Dancing in your kitchen
  46. Taking a day off just to have fun
  47. Listening to a thunderstorm from your warm bed
  48. Arriving at a destination after a long drive
  49. Getting praise for a job well done
  50. The sound of a child laughing
  51. The smell of fresh laundry
  52. Hitting all the green lights
  53. Pulling off a birthday surprise
  54. Making somebody laugh
  55. A refreshing swim on a hot day
  56. Puppies
  57. Singing in the car to your favorite song
  58. Getting to spend time with family
  59. Spotting dolphins in the ocean
  60. Trying out a new recipe
  61. A quiet weekend morning
  62. A relaxing shoulder massage
  63. A steamy shower
  64. Watching the sunset
  65. Birds chirping
  66. Boarding a plane to go a vacation
  67. Finally getting off your feet after a long day of walking
  68. Quality time with your best friend(s)
  69. Getting a text from a loved one
  70. Freshly baked bread
  71. A compliment from a stranger
  72. A warm bath
  73. Finding something unique at a market
  74. Playing an instrument
  75. Coloring
  76. Visiting a new place
  77. Leaving work on a Friday afternoon
  78. Having your hard work pay off
  79. Listening to an audiobook
  80. Watching falling leaves
  81. Being home for the holidays
  82. Waking up before the alarm and getting to stay in bed a little longer
  83. The feeling after stretching your body
  84. The warmth of a campfire
  85. Taking a few minutes to journal
  86. Going outside for a walk
  87. Baby goats
  88. Eating whipped cream straight from the can
  89. Singing in the shower
  90. A vase of freshly cut flowers
  91. Turning on the heat for the first cool day of fall
  92. Wearing a cozy sweater on a cold day
  93. Seeing a live music or theater show
  94. Watching your favorite movie with a bowl of popcorn
  95. A warm towel straight out of the dryer
  96. A fresh haircut
  97. Catching snow on your tongue
  98. Having a good cry
  99. The smell of your favorite candle
  100. Stopping for an ice cream cone
Everybody faces different challenges throughout their day. But learning to focus on the positives can help change your attitude. Brightening up your own mood is a great way to spread joy in the world and also help others remember to be thankful as well.

Kelsey Caldwell is a realtor and freelance writer from Charlotte, NC. She and her husband are parents to two amazing kids, a golden-doodle, and a bearded dragon.