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Locate Participant's Phone Number or Custom Question Response

When you request a phone number or address from sign up participants, you can easily retrieve the requested information.

If you are looking for the response from one user, log into your account and view your sign up. Locate the Admin Toolbar at the top of the sign up. Click Add/Edit/Delete People. Select the pencil icon next to the participant's name to view the data associated with that person's sign up.

If you need to retrieve this information for all users, it's best to create a report that you can export. From the Admin Toolbar, click Reports and Stats. You can also select the Reports icon on the left side of your account page.

For Date Range, the default is set to include all dates from the selected sign ups. For Report Style, click on the circle next to List of Sign Ups for Export to Excel and Show All Fields. Click the green Create Report button.

Once the report is generated, click the View Report icon to view sign up data. If you see blank lines, this is because there are some slots on your sign up that have not yet been filled. You will notice a white button that reads "View report without blank slots." When you select this option, you will only see data for the slots that have been filled. 

It may also be helpful to know that you can click on the column heading for any field associated with your report to sort the report data. For example, if you click the column heading for Last Name, the report will sort in alphabetical order by last name. To learn more about retrieving participant information, check out these custom report tips